Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well, the past week and a half has been something of a rollercoaster. One minute I was going for Arfon, the next minute I was being urged to pull out of the race and go for Ynys Mon as Ieuan had stepped down of the Assembly with immediate effect and a by-election was imminent. As an Anglesey girl, it had always been my dream to represent the island and though the timing wasn't ideal (given that my son was only six weeks old), I decided to go for it.

Whilst some were advising me to keep my name in for both constituencies, I felt that wouldn't be fair on either Arfon or Ynys Mon. Ideally, both selections wouldn't have taken place during the same week but c'est la vie. Yes, standing down from one race to enter another did open me up to criticism that I was a political butterfly but believe me, it was one of the toughest decisions I've ever made. I had a lot of support in Arfon, and I hated letting people down by pulling out of the race. But on the other hand, I had people I've known all my life asking me to go for Ynys Mon...

Do I regret that decision? No. And if placed in the same position again, I would make the same decision. But I do regret how things came about, and that Ynys Mon had to rush the selection process. I did, however, enjoy the hustings. I was impressed by Ann, and though we were facebook friends prior to this week, I feel we definitely became real friends through the experience. I was also glad to have the opportunity to debate Wylfa, and explain my opposition to nuclear power in a constructive way.

I wish Rhun all the best. He has a fantastic team of people to help him in Anglesey, and I know they'll support him 100%. They know what they're doing, as was proven during the recent council elections on the island, and Plaid Cymru should have no problem keeping the seat. I look forward to going out to campaign during the next month, and taking Plaid's positive message out to the people of Ynys Mon.

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