Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welshpool Town Hall: Not the luckiest place for Lembit!

As those of you who followed my blog when I ran against Lembit Opik in the 2010 General Election will know, I was never his biggest fan. I was particularly critical of his quest to become a celebrity at the detriment of serving his constituents as an MP. Ultimately, the people of Montgomeryshire agreed and he lost his seat which was considered one of the safest in the UK! Though obviously shocked on the night of the election, he seemed gracious in defeat as the accouncement was made in Welshpool Town Hall. His career since then has been something of a rollercoaster. One week, he's a stand up comic. Another he's trying to become the Lib Dem candidate in the London Mayor elections. And then in the past few days, he tried to be a wrestler... It seems he may well need to rethink that career, after losing his debut fight. And the location? Welshpool Town Hall... Hence why I don't think it's the luckiest place for Lembit. You can read details about the wrestling match here. To be honest, I actually feel a great deal of pity and concern towards Lembit. Even though I was critical of some of his ways as an MP, I was once a fan of him when he first burst onto the political scence. He was dynamic, different and intelligent and seemed to be able to reach out to people. But, something went wrong and he seemed to become more obsessed with becoming a celebrity than being a politician. And, over time, this once highly regarded man became a figure of ridicule. Rather than finding myself laughing at the story, I actually felt sad for him. He seems a lost soul. Though some of our exchanges during the election were quite vicious, I still found him to be extremely personable. I hope once his bruises are healed that for his sake, he'll find a more suitable career. And one that doesn't make people laugh at him rather than with him.