Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unpleasant and unnecessary


AntoinetteSandbach said...

We were asked to explain the position of our respective parties. Unfortunately for the Labour/Plaid coalition the facts speak for themselves. Wales' contribution to the Gross Value Added of the UK has fallen under Labour. There is a funding gap of £600 per pupil between Wales and England. Waiting lists in Wales are longer than in England and have increased under Labour/Plaid by 13,000%. With a record that speaks for itself, I am not surprised that raising the facts caused discomfort. The pupils enjoyed it, and will have their chance to vote.

Heledd Fychan said...

I'm sorry you feel like that. I've made my position clear on yesterday, and think you are misguided if you think the pupils enjoyed it. They were laughing at your behaviour not with you. It wasn't a good reflection of politics, and definitely not women in politics. Your points didn't cause discomfort and I'll look forward to debating them with you at some point, but in an appropriate forum. What you're proposing for education is disgraceful and I can't see any positive vision, just a lot of jargon intended to hide the fact that you will slash funding to education.

Our role yesterday was to encourage students to take an interest in politics. Goodness knows what they must now think after that performance.