Thursday, September 9, 2010

WalesCan be Smart. Green. Healthy.

I'm just out of a really fascinating and exciting session at conference, which saw a discussion paper being launched - WalesCan be Smart. Green. Healthy. The paper contains Plaid Cymru's vision for those three policy areas for the 2011 Assembly election, but aren't set in stone. Refreshingly, this seems to be a genuine discussion paper rather than a dictatorial one - the party wants feedback and radical ideas. Plaid is determined to offer something different to the people of Wales. A vision that works for them, with definite policies and a party that actually thinks rather than talks in sound bites.

I hope people will take time to read the document this afternoon and that many an interesting conversation will stem from it over the next few days. It really does have a great deal of potential of developing into something big.

I did get a chance to ask a question at the end, stating that post 2011 election we need as a party to then focus on non devolved policy areas and even greater powers for a proper Welsh parliament if we are truly ambitious about and committed to transforming Wales. Ieuan agreed, so I left the meeting feeling very happy. It's about time we tackled big issues like these ones and offer more than ad hoc, populist policies at election time. Political parties are usually scared of internal discussions and visions for the future - I'm glad to be a member of party that's brave enough to take this work forward.


Dr. Christopher Wood said...

"I hope people will take time to read the document..."

Please provide a link to this document.

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