Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post Conference

Well, I'm shattered this evening after returning home from the Plaid Cymru conference in Aberystwyth. My own fault for staying up singing until 4am this morning!

What a fantastic few days. Not only do I feel inspired after some brilliant speeches and discussions, but I'm also on a real high. Plus, my stomach is aching from laughing so much during the Revue last night. If you're a Plaid member and you've never made it to a Revue then you really must go next year as it is hilarious. Basically, the Caerphilly boys just take the mick out of Plaid and we all get a chance to laugh at ourselves. I think it's good to see a political party lighten up a little for one night a year, plus it helps in terms of lifting everyone's spirits. Looking around me last night, I felt lucky to be part of the party and to have made so many good friends from every corner of Wales.

As for yesterday, I'm torn in terms of choosing a highlight. Ron Davies got a fantastic welcome, and it really did feel electric in the hall when he walked onto the stage and showed his Plaid membership card to the delegates. He is such an asset to the party, and it's good to see him back on the political stage. Fingers crossed, he will win Caerphilly for us next year. It won't be easy, but it's not impossible. Let's hope history can be made - it certainly would send shockwaves around Wales! It would also be fantastic for devolution to have him in the Assembly. We need people of his calibre.

Mabon ap Gwynfor gave an amazing speech - really rousing the crowd. He was only supposed to be doing a financial appeal. But wow. What a way to use that time! He's one to watch in the next election...

I was also impressed by Helen Mary. She really rallied the troops and lifted the spirits of members. It's difficult to strike the right balance sometimes when you use a lot of rhetoric in a speech, but she just went for it, and it worked. Fantastic!

One of the most amusing things for me was seeing John Dixon, the former Chairperson of Plaid, really going for it in terms of speaking on motions. After putting the fear of God into anyone who didn't toe the party line when he was in the role, it's funny to now see him break all of his old rules! He really was very michevious...

So, all in all, a fun and interesting few days. Yes, I did do a lot of canvassing and trying to talk to members from North Wales, but I also really enjoyed myself and made some new friends. Thank you all for being such great company! Let's just hope we can now turn this enthusiasm and positivity into firm, radical, new ideas that will appeal to voters in time for next year's election!

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