Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the result is...

Most of my readers will know this from twitter and facebook by now, but just in case you haven't heard, the result for the Plaid Cymru North Wales list is as follows:

1. Llyr Huws Gruffydd
2. Heledd Fychan (me!)
3. Dyfed Edwards
4. Liz Saville

A huge congratulations to Llyr. I know he will be an effective Assembly Member and Plaid will be lucky to have him as part of the group. Obviously, from a personal perspective, I was disappointed yesterday as I know its unlikely that Plaid will gain a second list seat next year. But, I did take some comfort from the fact that I was genuinely second and not bumped up because I'm female.This was the first time I'd run in an internal battle and also in North Wales, and hopefully it won't be the last! I did give it my all, but it wasn't my time this time and I just need to accept that and look ahead.

As the second placed candidate, I will be working just as hard as I would have done as the first placed one to ensure that we secure a yes vote in the referendum next year before going on to increase our support in North Wales. We must enthuse our supporters to come out and campaign, and we must reach out to those who don't usually support us. There's a lot of work to be done, and I know all the candidates on the list are determined to achieve the best possible result for Plaid and for Wales.

Thank you to everyone who supported me over the past few weeks - I have been touched by all the messages of support. We now need to unite and ensure that we get as many Plaid Cymru Assembly members as possible elected next year. Plaid Cymru is bigger than any individual, and I genuinely believe that the only way to strengthen Wales is to strengthen Plaid Cymru.

Dros Gymru! For Wales!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post Conference

Well, I'm shattered this evening after returning home from the Plaid Cymru conference in Aberystwyth. My own fault for staying up singing until 4am this morning!

What a fantastic few days. Not only do I feel inspired after some brilliant speeches and discussions, but I'm also on a real high. Plus, my stomach is aching from laughing so much during the Revue last night. If you're a Plaid member and you've never made it to a Revue then you really must go next year as it is hilarious. Basically, the Caerphilly boys just take the mick out of Plaid and we all get a chance to laugh at ourselves. I think it's good to see a political party lighten up a little for one night a year, plus it helps in terms of lifting everyone's spirits. Looking around me last night, I felt lucky to be part of the party and to have made so many good friends from every corner of Wales.

As for yesterday, I'm torn in terms of choosing a highlight. Ron Davies got a fantastic welcome, and it really did feel electric in the hall when he walked onto the stage and showed his Plaid membership card to the delegates. He is such an asset to the party, and it's good to see him back on the political stage. Fingers crossed, he will win Caerphilly for us next year. It won't be easy, but it's not impossible. Let's hope history can be made - it certainly would send shockwaves around Wales! It would also be fantastic for devolution to have him in the Assembly. We need people of his calibre.

Mabon ap Gwynfor gave an amazing speech - really rousing the crowd. He was only supposed to be doing a financial appeal. But wow. What a way to use that time! He's one to watch in the next election...

I was also impressed by Helen Mary. She really rallied the troops and lifted the spirits of members. It's difficult to strike the right balance sometimes when you use a lot of rhetoric in a speech, but she just went for it, and it worked. Fantastic!

One of the most amusing things for me was seeing John Dixon, the former Chairperson of Plaid, really going for it in terms of speaking on motions. After putting the fear of God into anyone who didn't toe the party line when he was in the role, it's funny to now see him break all of his old rules! He really was very michevious...

So, all in all, a fun and interesting few days. Yes, I did do a lot of canvassing and trying to talk to members from North Wales, but I also really enjoyed myself and made some new friends. Thank you all for being such great company! Let's just hope we can now turn this enthusiasm and positivity into firm, radical, new ideas that will appeal to voters in time for next year's election!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diwrnod Tri

Diwrnod tri o'r gynhadledd, ac mae'n syndod pa mor sydyn mae'r amser wedi mynd. Mi oedd ddoe yn gret - digon o drafod a sgwrsio, ac araith Ieuan wrth gwrs. Dwi wedi cael cyfle i gyfarfod nifer o aelodau'r Gogledd, a chael bob math o gwestiynau ganddyn nhw cyn y cyfarfodydd dewis wythnos nesaf. A braf ydi cael gwneud hynny. Mae'r ymateb wedi bod yn gret o ran yr ymgyrch, ac mae hi'n edrych yn dda. Ond cawn weld beth ddigwyddith dros y penwythnos nesaf yma rwan!

Heddiw, dwi'n edrych ymlaen i glywed yr areithiau, yn arbennig felly rhai Dafydd Trystan a Ron Davies, ynghyd a'r drafodaeth hefo Elfyn Llwyd. A wedyn, mae'r rifiw heno sydd wastad yn lot o hwyl.

Mwy wedyn, ond rhag bod ganddo chi ddiddordeb, dyma linc i fy erthygl ar waleshome heddiw:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

WalesCan be Smart. Green. Healthy.

I'm just out of a really fascinating and exciting session at conference, which saw a discussion paper being launched - WalesCan be Smart. Green. Healthy. The paper contains Plaid Cymru's vision for those three policy areas for the 2011 Assembly election, but aren't set in stone. Refreshingly, this seems to be a genuine discussion paper rather than a dictatorial one - the party wants feedback and radical ideas. Plaid is determined to offer something different to the people of Wales. A vision that works for them, with definite policies and a party that actually thinks rather than talks in sound bites.

I hope people will take time to read the document this afternoon and that many an interesting conversation will stem from it over the next few days. It really does have a great deal of potential of developing into something big.

I did get a chance to ask a question at the end, stating that post 2011 election we need as a party to then focus on non devolved policy areas and even greater powers for a proper Welsh parliament if we are truly ambitious about and committed to transforming Wales. Ieuan agreed, so I left the meeting feeling very happy. It's about time we tackled big issues like these ones and offer more than ad hoc, populist policies at election time. Political parties are usually scared of internal discussions and visions for the future - I'm glad to be a member of party that's brave enough to take this work forward.


Wel, mae'r gynhadledd wedi cychwyn a dwi'n eistedd yma'n Aberystwyth gyda fy nghyfrifiadur yn barod i gofnodi'r dyddiau nesaf yma. Mae yna lwyth o bethau difyr ymlaen, a'r drafferth ydi dewis pa sesiwn i fynd iddo heddiw. Dwi isho mynd iddyn nhw i gyd!

Peth gorau am y gynhadledd ydi cyfarfod aelodau o bob cornel o Gymru a dal fyny, ynghyd a chymharu ymgyrchoedd ac ati. Mae yna deimlad cartrefol iawn yma, ac mae hynny'n braf.

Wrth gwrs, mae yna dipyn o ymgyrchu'n mynd yn ei flaen hefyd yma gan bawb ohona ni sy'n mynd am restrau rhanbarthol. Gyda'r hystings yn cychwyn wythnos nesaf, da ni gyd yn trio siarad gyda gymaint o aelodau a phosib a cheisio eu argyhoeddi i'n cefnogi. Gen i daflen ar bob bwrdd yn y lle coffi a dwi wrthi'n paratoi taflen arall. Ond ew, mae'n deimlad od bod yn rhoi taflen hefo'ch llun chi arno ym mhobman. Ddim yn rhywbeth dwi'n teimlo'n gyffyrddus yn ei wneud, ond mae'n rhaid gwneud y pethau yma i drio cael eich ethol yn does!

Beth bynnag, digon am rwan. Wna'i adael chi wybod sut mae pethau'n mynd yma'n hwyrach.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yr Ymgyrch

Os yda chi'n aelod o'r Blaid ac yn y byw yn y Gogledd, dwi'n gobeithio eich bod bellach wedi derbyn llythyr gyda manylion y cyfarfodydd dewis ar gyfer rhestr y Gogledd ynghyd a thaflen gan bob ymgeisydd. Chwech ohona ni sydd bellach yn mynd amdani, ac o edrych ar y taflenni, da ni'n griw eithaf amrywiol gyda phethau gwahanol i'w cynnig i'r etholwyr. Digon o ddewis felly ac mae fyny ichi pwy fysa well gennych chi ei gael fel Aelod Cynulliad. Gan obeithio y medra'i argyhoeddi digon o'r aelodau i fy nghefnogi fel fy mod ar frig y rhestr!

Jest o dan tair wythnos sydd yna tan y byddwn ni'n gwybod y canlyniad, ac mae yna lot fawr o waith i'w wneud rhwng rwan a hynny. Ond yn gyntaf wrth gwrs, mi fydd y gynhadledd. Dwi wir yn edrych ymlaen ati rwan, ac wedi trefnu i gael sgwrs gyda nifer o aelodau o'r Gogledd. Mi fydd hi hefyd yn gret cael dal fyny hefo aelodau'r Blaid ym mhob cornel o Gymru - mi fydd hi'n hyfryd gweld rhai o griw Maldwyn eto. Rhaid mi gyfaddef dwi'n colli eu gweld nhw. Mi fuo nhw'n gymaint o gefn imi tra o'n i'n sefyll yno, a dwi dal heb gael cyfle i ddiolch i bawb yn iawn.

Mi fyddai hefyd yn y pythefnos nesa yma yn ffilmio ar gyfer cyfres 'Hidden Histories' fel un o gyflwynwyr y gyfres. Mi fydd hi'n braf cael y cyfle i wisgo fy het hanesydd unwaith eto, a da ni'n cael mynd i nifer o lefydd difyr yng Nghymru. Rhywbeth bach gwahanol beth bynnag!Jest gobeithio bydd hi'n sych...

Felly cyfnod prysur ond dwi'n edrych ymlaen. Mae'r ymateb i'r ymgyrch wedi bod yn hynod o galonogol, a diolch i bawb sydd wedi cysylltu hyd yma'n cynnig cefnogaeth.