Friday, July 16, 2010

Hotting up!

The campaign for the North Wales list is hotting up by the day, with all sorts of names beings floated around. It's fantastic to see so many people interested in running, and it should turn out to be quite a contest. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to the race and hope it will be an opportunity to reinvigorate the party and its members in the region. There's a job of work to be done in North Wales, and all candidates will need to work together to make sure members feel motivated to attend hustings and cast their vote. And then help out in the referendum campaign and the assembly elections. Its not going to be easy. People are still feeling disheartened after the General Election, plus I don't think talks of and actual school closures are helping things. But, we need to tackle such issues head on and persuade people that Plaid remains the party for them and for Wales. And listen to why people are feeling so fed up, and act accordingly.

And talking about reinvigorating the party - boy, doesn't that need to happen everywhere after the disappointing result in Blaenau Ffestiniog yesterday with Llais Gwynedd managing to hold on to the seat by four votes, despite the fact that we had a fantastic candidate. And despite the fact that Gwilym Euros was the previous councillor there for Llais Gwynedd!

As I said, there's work to be done in every corner of Wales and after last week's summer school, I know that plaid members all over Wales are ready for that challenge. We won't be resting over the summer, but rather, gearing up for next year. Should be an interesting time ahead!

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