Sunday, June 6, 2010

A month on...

Well, exactly a month ago today people were casting their votes. Amazing to think how quickly time has flown by since then - seems like ages ago when I was on the campaign trail. Still can't get used to seeing Cameron as Prime Minister, and still hugely concerned about the impact the cuts will have on Wales. Also failing to take George Osborne seriously as Chancellor - it really does worry me to see this clone army of toffs in charge of the country. They're so out of touch with the majority of people in the UK - do they honestly realise how devestating of an impact their plans will have on those on low and middle incomes? It really is a worrying time for us all.

I had so many texts and emails this week about Lembit Opik's stand up routine at a comedy club in London. To be honest, now he's out of Montgomeryshire and no longer an MP, I couldn't care less what he does. At least he's no longer doing such things at the expense of the taxpayer. Though, if I'm honest, it did make me smile to see the bad reviews!

As for me, I keep getting asked what the next step is. And, after considering everything carefully, I have decided that I will be putting my name forward for the Welsh Assembly elections next year - for the North Wales list. I have no idea who else is going for it, but I hope there will be quite a competition so we can have some lively hustings as a party in North Wales. There's a lot of work to be done between now and then, and I know it will be a challenge - but its one I'm looking forward to. So watch this space!


David Thomas said...

Having said that - and he's had far more coverage than he deserves in the media, including the County Times, since the election - this article is worth resading:

Frankie said...

Why not as a Montgomeryshire candidate for the Welsh Assembly? People here know you now - you would have a very good chance of getting in now that Montgomeryshire people are disillusioned with the present AM who thankfully is standing down anyway next year