Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, sorry for being so quiet. I've been trying to settle back to normality. Lot to catch up with at work and also trying to catch up with all the friends I neglected! They've all forgiven me luckily for my obsession with campaigning over the past few months. Its been so nice to do normal things like going to the cinema and so on, though I do miss the campaign trail. Especially when the sun is out! There was nothing better than being outside all day, every day in glorious Montgomeryshire...

Its been an interesting time hasn't it. Who would have thought it? A Tory-Lib Dem coalition... Its going to take time to adjust! I just don't know how its all going to pan out. I am conerned by how few females there are in the Cabinet, and also how many millionaires. New Labour was certainly far more representative of our society...

As for the Montgomeryshire candidates, you'd think Lembit Opik was still an MP from the amount of times he's been on television since the election! I hope Glyn isn't too annoyed by that - must be quite awkward with both hanging around parliament!

As for myself, I keep getting asked the question - what's the next step. Simply put - I don't know. Time for serious consideration. I do see my future as being in the Assembly more than Westminster, but which seat is the question and when. I'm currently looking for inspiration!

My priorities now however is getting on with the day job which I love and finishing a novel I started writing ages ago. Plus, once again, getting far more active. The one benefit of campaigning - all the walking got rid of my clot so I can take up exercsie again! Yay!

Anyway, hope everyone is keeping well. Thank you for all your lovely emails following the campaign, I really have appreciated them. It makes me determined to win next time I run as I don't want to disappoint them who are kind enought to vote for me. Quite the challenge but I think you need to aim high in this game!

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