Friday, May 7, 2010

And that was that!

Amazing how quickly tonight went. Not at all tired, just buzzing. Delighted that we managed to come third here in Montgomeryshire - my realistic target when I was first selected as a candidate. Still think a lot of our supporters lent their vote to either Glyn or Lembit to keep the other one out but still... Fantastic result that my team will hopefully be proud of. And even more proof that this seat will be winnable in the assembly elections. As long as we have the necessary resources!

I'd like to congratulate Glyn on tonight's result. I know he's worked extremely hard for it, and for years. Though I hate to see the Tories do well, I was glad for Glyn especiially after hearing some of the nasty tactis and rumours being used against him this week. Opik did take this seat for granted and it showed throughout the campaign. He was aggressive and seemed on edge from the very start - and never once said sorry about some of the things he did wrong.

Anyway, enough for now until the morning. Disappointed that we didn't win more seats, but know how hard our teams worked. Congratulations all! And don't forget, it's the assembly elections next year - and we will gain ground there for sure as there won't be any British leaders debate to mess things up. Chin up all. We still have three amazing MP's and lots of young candidates eager to stand again!

So, a huge huge thank you to everyone who's supported me - either throughout the campaign or by contacting me via facebook, twitter or the vblog. I really do appreciate everything, We did well here and I know we can do even better, Time will telll!


Llewellyn said...

Do you intend to stand for the assembly elections next year?
I was hoping that Plaid Cymru would increase their seats in parliment. Hopefully next year Plaid Cymru can increase their seats in the assembly elections.

glynbeddau said...

I don't want to worry you but depending on a certain court case there could be a Byelection for the assembly seat.

To to my mind you were a great candidate and you should be proud not only of your vote but of the response of the public, media and your fellow bloggers. please keep it up.

llwyd said...

Noson warthus i Blaid Cymru - a hynny oddi wrth un sydd wedi pledleisio Plaid erioed. Rhaid edrych ar holl strategaeth y Blaid o'r top i'r gwaelod a rhaid i rai o uchelbwysigion y Blaid ddechrau gweithio a pheidio a chymeryd pethau yn ganiatawol.

Methu ennill unrhyw sedd, colli pledleisiau yn nwyr caerfyrddin ac Elfyn Llwyd yn colli pledleisiau ym Meirionydd er gwaethaf ychwanegiad y miloedd o bledleiswyr PC yn Llyn ac Eifionydd.

Mwy i'r pwynt ble oedd Elfyn neithiwr - ddim ar unryw raglen o beth welais i.

Pleidlais PC yn y cymoedd yn gyffredinol wedi disgyn - pa obaith sydd i wneud unrhyw ychwanegiad yn y fan hyn?

Nonsens yw beio y rhagelnni teledu - cafodd PC erioed y fath sylw na'r tro yma - mae'n ffaith. Hefyd sut mae UKIP/BNP ac eraill wedi gwneud mor dda - dodden nhw ddim ar y teledu o gwbl. Yn ogystal doedd dim cynydd cyffredinol i'r Rhyddfrydwyr wedi'r cyfan er gwaethaf y dadleuon tleedu - felly nonsens yw hi i Penri James feio hynny ar y golled enfawr a gwarthus yng Ngheredigion.

Dylai'r gwaith ar gyfer yr etholiadua nesaf ddechrau nawr.

Alun Williams said...

Da iawn Heledd. You really made a splash in this campaign. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from you.