Sunday, April 4, 2010

Taken from the Chronicle - Newspaper for the Tanat, Cain and Vyrnwy Valleys

A constituent from Montgomeryshire sent me this as a PDF yesterday, and I thought those of you who don't live in the county would like to see it for yourselves.

Glyn and mine's are fine I think -focused on why we want to be the next MP for Montgomeryshire and what issues would be important to us.

I find Lembit Opik's one to be bizarre. Surely, it's a weak argument to suggest that it takes eight years for an MP to learn the ropes. Is that an excuse for not achieveing a great deal up to now? Surely, no one can deny the fact that Adam Price has made a huge impact in his short time at Parliament?

Also, I must tackle this hard working line. Asking the most written questions isn't always the best thing, unless the questions you ask are relevant to your constituents or are important to the UK as a whole. In fact, each one costs a lot of money to the taxpayer and personally I' d prefer that money not to be wasted on asking questions just for the sake of asking questions. As the constituent who sent me this PDF said in his email, a number of the latest questions relate to either devolved issues or ones that have no bearing on Wales - no less than four questions relating to traffic in Greater London. And don't get me started on the number of questions about Segways...

And what about the speaking line... Yes, it's true that he speaks a lot. But nearly all are interventions. He walks into the chamber, makes an intervention, and walks out. Rarely does he stay for full debates. In fact, other MP's have even started stating that he does this for the record in Westminster because he does it so often. Because of this, some of his contributions don't even make sense as he hasn't been following the debate or they are points that have been raised previously. So I don't buy that line either.

Incidenteally, I still haven't received an answer to my question asking if he's repaid the salary he received whilst being on a cruise when parliament was sitting. I think it's safe to now presume he didn't...
No one expects perfection or saintly behaviour from an MP, but they do expect to be represented properly. And yes, I have criticized Mr Opik for trying to be a celeb rather than a politician mainly because he's missed votes in parliaments and meetings in Montgomeryshire when earning more than double his MP's salary giving interviews, appearing on Saturday Night Takeaway or going on cruises. A fair critiscim I think!
So, I look forward to the election if these are the kind of lines I'm going to hear at hustings. Glyn and I can focus on issues, Lembit can go on about the fact he's not a saint. Should be fun!


Aled said...

Heledd have mercy, he's traped on the wrong side of a ruck and your still giving him a real shoeing. He's going to be black and blue by the time the ref blows his whistle

Aled Wyn said...

The thing I find funny is the box at the bottom naming other candidates, it would seem that the Liberal Democrat candidate is "To Be Announced"

David Thomas said...

Aled Wyn: that's for the Oswestry constituency.