Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's been a bit crazy since Monday night. I've received a huge amount of emails saying the nicest things, and the response when out and about has been great. Well, apart from one lady who thought it was a disgrace I was standing as a candidate. She thinks women should stay at home raising children and not interfeer in politics! Very critical when I told her I had no husband or children, and that even if I did, I'd still be a candidate. So that's one vote I'll definitely not be getting!

Things are really hotting up, and I honestly have no idea how it's going to go here. I really do hope that Plaid Cymru can really stir things up and significantly increase our vote here. One thing's for certain, Mr Colbourne for Labour will struggle to find support after Monday night. He seems lovely, but came across as being very out of touch with local issues. And that has been picked up on.

There was another hustings in Montgomery Town Hall last night. It was an odd set up as we weren't allowed to challenge each other, and therefore it gave Lembit a platform to go on (and on) about how great he was and blatantly lie to the public about his record. I wish he'd stop trying to mislead people with made up statistics about what he's done in parliament. He's doing exactly what people are fed up of politicians doing - spinning things and tricking them with words. And we just had to sit there and listen to all the rubbish he was saying. Very annoying...

I was shattered last night, but feel re-energised again today. The sun is shining, all my leaflets have arrived and are ready to go to every house in Montgomeryshire and things are going well. Very well.

Sorry for the lack of video blogs - internet connection is annoyingly slow and I'm trying to come up with a solution so that I can post them up on the same day as I record them.

Can't believe that the election will take place two weeks tomorrow - time is flying by! Still plenty of doors to knock though, so I'll keep busy. One benefit of this election - I've already lost half a stone from walking so much! No much time to eat either, despite my grandmother trying to give me cakes all the time. So all good!

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Efrogwr said...

Keep up the good work! Daliwch ati. Mae hi'n warth bod y teledu wedi rhoi cymaint o hwb i'r RhyddDems ond mae'n swnio fel eich bod chi'n gwneud popeth y gallech ac yn cael croeso gwresog ar lawr gwlad :-)