Saturday, April 10, 2010

First hustings of the campaign

Last night was great - first hustings of the formal campaign organised by Newtown Action on Climate Change. The Environmental 'Question Time' was an opportunity for Glyn, Lembit, Nick Colbourne (Labour) and myself to give our views, not just party lines, on a whole range of Green issues, both global and local.

There was a fantastic turnout and people were certainly keen to challenge all of us. It was my first time meeting the Labour candidate, and to be honest, I felt sorry for him. He seems like a decent man, but he had no grasp on local issues - nor Labour policy! Also, most of his points related to Wrexham unfortunately which is a shame considering he's running in Montgomeryshire.

As you would expect, Lembit had an opportunity to promote the Segways once again. Personally, I just can't see how the Segway is a viable option for Montgomeryshire. Surely, a more practical solution would be to strengthen public transport links and have more cycle paths?

Overall, it was a lively debate with me holding oppositve views to the other three on many of the issues! It's always a gamble, but I think my honesty paid off. A considerable number of people came up to me at the end saying they'd never have considered voting Plaid until last night, but that I now have their support. Some even asked for Plaid posters and leaflets!

It was the same kind of reaction I had when canvassing Carno, Caersws, Trefeglwys and Clatter yesterday. I know politicians always like to big up their campaigns, even when things are going badly, but honestly the response was far better than I expected. These are not traditional Plaid areas but I cameacross plenty of first time Plaid voters who are looking for change. If it carries on like this, I could be very happy on the election night!

Off to Bro Ddyfi today and hope to leaflet and speak to a considerable number of people. Can't wait!


David Thomas said...

Gwych! Dal ati!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Paid a teimlo'n sori dros Nick bach dydy o ddim yn haeddu ddim cydymdeimlad.