Thursday, April 15, 2010

THE debate...

Well, what did you make of it all? Personally, I feel like I've had an overkill of politics tonight - hour and a half debate, then all the analysis. Enough to make your head spin!

I was appalled by the complete lack of understanding about devolution displayed by all three leaders, and the lack of references to either Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Though it didn't surprise me, it did mean that what we got was an England only debate. I'm sorry, but this just isn't good enough if you're running to be Prime Minister of the UK! Bring on the referendum is all I say. Definitely made me long for an independent Wales where none of the three would have a say in our future!

Nick Clegg certainly came across well this evening, but then again, he has nothing to lose really and can afford to be confident. David Cameron was a nervous wreck and seemed out of his depth, whilst Brown was not as bad as I expected. Apart from the cheesy/ scary smiles occasionally! None of them inspired me though. Three men in suits, speaking in sound bites and coming across as out of touch on a number of issues... In the words of Shania Twain - that don't impress me much!

I'm looking forward to hearing the Wales debate next week - it will be a welcome change as we'll actually get a chance to hear what the parties will do for Wales! Time I think to switch off from it all and catch up on some sleep before hitting the campaign trail again tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

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