Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welsh Food Alliance Q and A

Well, an interesting evening tonight - a hustings organised by the Welsh Food Alliance, around the broad theme of ‘a diet, which is sustainable in being good for health, the environment and the economy’. It was an all female panel and the other speakers were Jane Davidson, Jenny Randerson and Angela Burns. So three AM's and me - a first for me, and a huge honour to represent Plaid. It was a hugely enjoyable and stimulating discussion, and a number of improtant issues were discussed from the procurement of food, food wastage, school meals, feeding the elderly and so on.

So many of the things we need to do in this area are simple,and we all have a responsibility. Small steps can be taken, from using a recycable bag when we're doing our shopping rather than using plastic ones, not wasting food, buying more local produce... As I said - simple but effective.

Hand in hand, however, is the need to ensure that everyone has equal access to sustainable food. We may all know by now that we need to eat a balanced and healthy diet, but it can often be more expensive to feed a family healthily rather than rely on ready meals or frozen food. So whilst we may preach to people about making better choices, we also need to enable them through giving proper wages to be able to afford doing so.

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