Friday, March 26, 2010


Now, I never expected that I'd ever call the Ynys Mon MP, Albert Owen, a snob but that's exactly what he is after calling for the Sun to be banned on Dau o'r Bae today! He was scornful of the fact that I'd dared quote the Sun's headline from Thursday - "Darling just screwed more people than JT, Ashley, Mark Owen and Tiger Woods" - during the debate about the budget.

Personally, I'm surprised to see Mr Owen speak so negatively about The Sun. Many of his constituents read it daily, and I find it extremely snobbish that he would disregard their paper of choice in this way. Whilst I don't always agree with the Sun, I do enjoy reading it occasionally and think it gives an invaluable insight into how the majority of people in the UK feel about certain issues. It gives a glimpse into how people are thinking and we can't, as politicians, disregard how influential the paper can be. After all, who can forget the famous headline after the 1992 election - 'It's the Sun Wot Won It'!

But I don't just read it for the insight if truth be told. I've always loved to read up on the celebrity gossip, as well as what's coming up in the soaps. Well, how boring would I be to talk to if I only read the Economist and the Financial Times. Though I do enjoy them as well, I think my friends appreciate the fact that I don't just talk about serious stuff to them all the time and can also indulge in discussing the latest scandals.

So, Albert. Stop being a snob! Appreciate it for what it is. And if you do want to call on one of the papers to be banned, please let it be the Daily Sport. At least then we wouldn't have to read Lembit Opik's weekly drivel in it then!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Heledd fach. As an Ynys Mon Plaid voter, I was surprised and disappointed when I heard you speak about the sun on dau o'r bae today, I thought you came a poor second to albert on the issue. It is true that inevitably a reasonable percentage of trigolion mon read the paper but that doesnt mean they read and follow its political pages/leanings (like you hint its more about sport/soaps). And for you to back a paper with such a shady past, vile views and one that follows such journalistic malpractices is disappointing. I hope youre not thinking of writing a similar column to your maldwyn counterpart opik, ti'n well na hunna heledd!

p.s I thought you dealt with the lib dem activist on dau o'r bae very efficiently.

Heledd Fychan said...

Lembit Opik writes for the Daily Sporr - a paper Sun readers even look down upon. I wouls nevee wrire such a column and would not be interested in pursuing a celebrity lufestyle - I just wanr to represent Montgomeryshire and that's a full time job in itself. As I said in my blog post, I don't agree with the Sun's approach to everything and I do despair when I read some things. But we have to facw facts - it is the paper of choice for many people. And I'm not going to look down on them for that reason alone. Sorry you feel like that - you have your view, I have mine. I thought Albert was weak in terms of the budget and failed to address my points relating to fuel and rural areas as well as reform of the Barnett formula. Thanks for your comments about the Lib Dem though!

glynbeddau said...

Heledd you can’t be more wrong and I’vehad to have a go at you on my own blog “National Left” I hope this is the Last time so please think again.

Heledd Fychan said...

I'm sorry but I am not going to look down on people who read The Sun. The blogosphere is somewhat elitist - the vast majority of people who read tabloids don't read blogs. And I bet if the sum comes out in favour of Brown the week of the election, it would give Albert a boost in some parts of Anglesey.

Heledd Fychan said...

Glyn - tried to post this on your blog but it wouldn't let me:
thanks for taking the time to blog. I agree with much of your analysis about the paper - I certainly think some approaches can be dangerous. And you are right to point them out. However, we shouldn't look down on the readers. Politicians represent everyone. We all have a duty to tackle prejudices. The Sun gives an insight into how a lot of people are thinking and we can't dismiss that. As for celebrity gossip, you're obviously not a lover of Heat magazine so better not get into that!

Robin Ffraw said...

After re-reading my post I realize I was overly harsh on your approach. The political blogosphere is very elitist and alien to most voters, and by attacking you just because you didnt wholly condemn the sun is unfair.

You are completely right, labour havent a leg to stand on when it comes to the barnett for many a reason I wont go into. Albert Owen is (for good or worse) an excellent speaker in the sense he endears himself to his audience and has a solid following locally. He engineers discourse to suite his gains far better than most politicians. And to an extent has tbf voted admirally in parliment (regards to hunting, ID, Iraq, Student Fees ayyb). It is a pity you arent standing in Ynys Mon Heledd, you'd be a far better and more appropriate candidate than Rees and would have a much better chance of winning against Albert.

Apologies, RH

Heledd Fychan said...

Diolch yn fawr Robin Ffraw, clen iawn. Though I do think Dylan Rees is an excellent candidate. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in my first response - was typing on my iphone and the letters are too close together!