Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dafydd Wigley in Machynlleth!

Well, a great start to my day today - met Dafydd Wigley in Machynlleth. Dafydd is a hero of mine and a true inspiration for us candidates. He's been a great support, and it is greatly appreciated.

Everyone was very excited to see Dafydd Wigley in Machynlleth and it gave my campaign a boost without a shadow of a doubt. If only he could be on the campaign trail all the time in Montgomeryshire - he certainly would win me a lot of votes! Great reaction though and definitely there is a mood for change in the air. I think we'll be seeing a lot more Plaid votes this time if canvassing reports are to believed!

Back to work tomorrow until the election is called, and then unpaid leave from work so I'll be campaigning full time for the duration of the campaign. Can't wait for it now! Should be an interesting battle.

Still no response from the Lib Dems to my questions - well other than an anonymous post that was way below the belt even for them. Think I must have hit a nerve if they attack a first time candidate in such an extreme way. So, I'll wait another day and see what comes. Presuming the answer is no though, and that Lembit didn't forgo his salary whilst he was on a cruise whilst parliament was sitting. But still willing to be corrected if he did actually do the honorable thing and repay his salary for that time.

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