Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post Conference

Sorry I didn't blog during conference - turned out to be a bit manic. There were so many interesting speeches and fringe meetings, as well as taking part myself, so I didn't have a chance.

I watched the BBC coverage from yesterday afternoon just now, and was really impressed by Betsan Powys's analysis of the conferenece. It's easy for us as party members to try and portray a positive vibe but to have her analyse so fairly about the effectiveness of our messagess spoke volumes in my opinion. Adrian Masters and herself seemed surprised and dare I say impressed by our approach, as was Matt Withers in the Wales on Sunday today. We seem to be doing something right if journalists that we respect are even saying so!

Personally, there were so many highlights for me which included hearing Gerry Holtham and Ron Davies speak, Jonathan Edwards addressing conference for the first time, Wigley's speech and a million times more. I also really enjoyed taking part on two panels - one education one and one on Defence.

I definitely feel inspired and ready for the election now. It was great to catch up with everyone and exchange ideas, as well as hear Ieuan Wyn Jones fire us all up for the weeks ahead. So a message to the other parties? Watch out - we're ready for the fight. Next conference will hopefully be a celebration as we work towards winning a referendum and more seats than ever before in the Welsh Assembly!

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