Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post Conference

Sorry I didn't blog during conference - turned out to be a bit manic. There were so many interesting speeches and fringe meetings, as well as taking part myself, so I didn't have a chance.

I watched the BBC coverage from yesterday afternoon just now, and was really impressed by Betsan Powys's analysis of the conferenece. It's easy for us as party members to try and portray a positive vibe but to have her analyse so fairly about the effectiveness of our messagess spoke volumes in my opinion. Adrian Masters and herself seemed surprised and dare I say impressed by our approach, as was Matt Withers in the Wales on Sunday today. We seem to be doing something right if journalists that we respect are even saying so!

Personally, there were so many highlights for me which included hearing Gerry Holtham and Ron Davies speak, Jonathan Edwards addressing conference for the first time, Wigley's speech and a million times more. I also really enjoyed taking part on two panels - one education one and one on Defence.

I definitely feel inspired and ready for the election now. It was great to catch up with everyone and exchange ideas, as well as hear Ieuan Wyn Jones fire us all up for the weeks ahead. So a message to the other parties? Watch out - we're ready for the fight. Next conference will hopefully be a celebration as we work towards winning a referendum and more seats than ever before in the Welsh Assembly!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Wel, o'r diwedd, ar ol wythnosau o edrych mlaen (ydw, mi ydw i'n nerd gwleidyddol) - mae Cynhadledd cyn etholiad Plaid yn cychwyn bore 'ma. Mae yna raglen hynod o ddifyr o'n blaenau dros y ddau ddiwrnod nesa yma a dwi'n meddwl bydd o'n gyffrous iawn. Cafwyd dechra difyr neithiwr gyda cinio busnes Plaid. Areithiau gwych, sesiwn cwestiwn ac ateb gyda Ieuan a cyfle i rwydweithio gyda nifer o bobl blaenllaw mewn busnes yng Nghymru.

Bore 'ma, dwi'n cymeryd rhan mewn sesiwn drafod ynglyn ag addysgu'r genedl. Gobeithio cawn drafodaeth fywiog a difyr. Fel gwyr darllenwyr rheolaidd fy mlog, polisi addysg ydi un o fy mhrif ddiddordebau mewn gwelidyddiaeth felly mae'n bwnc dwi wrth fy modd yn ei drafod.

Mae yna gymaint o gyfarfodydd ymylol difyr wedi eu trefnu, dwi'n cael trafferth penderfynu beth i fynychu. Ond am ddechrau gyda cyfarfod brecwast gyda Age Concern Cymru mewn rhyw ugain mumud. Felly well mi stopio sgwennu a sychu fy ngwallt fel mod i'n edrych yn deidi ar gyfer y gynhadledd! Dwi'n gwybod mae'r hyn yr yda chi'n ei ddeud sy'n bwysig, ond dwi'm isho siomi Mam drwy edrych yn fler chwaith! Tan wedyn...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm back!

Well, luckily and thanks to the brilliant NHS, I am well on the way to recovery. Back at work, and will be hitting the campaign trail this weekend. Cannot wait - its been frustrating doing nothing for two weeks. Relaxing isn't something that comes naturally to me - I thrive on being busy - but sometimes your body forces you to take things easy. And who was I to argue?!

I have to thank everybody who's helped me or sent messages, flowers or cards. And once again, the nurses who visited me daily. They were absolutely fantastic and I truly appreciate everything.

Whilst taking this break, I've missed quite a few interesting things to blog about... the Mich Bates incident, the historic referendum vote, the brilliant article in the independent about how the three Plaid MP's have achieved more than all the Lib Dems to name just a few!

But now, I'm back and below is what's coming up over the next few days. Please get in touch if you'd like more information.

Etholiad 2010 Election: Polisiau Gwyrdd Plaid Cymru/ Plaid Cymru's Green Policies

Nos Wener, 12gfed o Chwefror am 7:30pm: Llew Gwyn, Machynlleth. Cyfle i gyfrafod ymgeisydd Plaid Cymru yn Sir Drefaldwyn, Heledd Fychan, i drafod polisiau gwyrdd y Blaid.

Friday night, 12th of February at 7:30pm: White Lion, Machynlleth. An opportunity to meet Plaid Cymru's candidate in Montgomeryshire, Heledd Fychan, to discuss Plaid's green policies.

Dydd Sadwrn Delfrydol/ Super Saturday

13th of February/ 13eg o Chwefror.

Cyfarfod tu allan i Glwb Rygbi Machynlleth am 10:00am.

Meet outside Machynlleth Rugby Club at 10:00am.

Dydd Llun Delfrydol/ Super Monday

15gfed o Chwefror/ 15th of February.

Meet outside Revells, Welshpool at 1:30pm for an afternoon of canvessing.

Cyfarfod tu allan i Revells, Y Trallwng am 1:30pm am brynhawn o ganfasio.