Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Got to love Kirsty William's response to Plaid's general election pledge regarding pensions in today's Western Mail: "More importantly you can’t implement a policy in Westminster with just two or three MPs.”

So, no point voting for any other party other than the Tories or Labour then based on that logic? After all, the Lib Dems don't have any chance of becoming the largest party there, so based on Kirsty's logic, Lib Dem MP's can't achieve anything of worth or influence policy so no point in them trying to do anything or thinking of any good policies.

Maybe Kirsty just isn't aware of the strong possibility that there will be a hung parliament at Westminster next time, and that when that happened before, Plaid Cymru MP's were able to influence the Government to implement their policies. Also, Plaid works with the SNP in Parliament and is therefore the fourth largest group there with influence on a number of committees. Our MP's actually do speak out on behalf of the people of Wales. And do get results. Maybe Lib Dem MP's should try it?

Those who criticize Plaid's plans shouldn't be so hasty. After all, have they examined how an increase could be achieved in the pension before dismissing it? We have and they obviously haven't. No point going into it here as it's been widely reported. But Plaid is now a party of Government, and we know how to deliver. We promise what is achievable and I'm amazed the three other parties have so readily dismissed this idea. Don't they care about the elderly? Don't they want to try and find ways to help them? Our proposals are sound, otherwise it wouldn't be part of the election campaign.

It really frustrates me when politicians attacks other parties policies without having read up about them properly. Well, either that, or they simply didn't understand the economics. It's easy to critize other people's ideas, but what about coming up with your own and offering a credible alternative? Did they do that? No. So there we go.

Vote Plaid and we'll deliver the best for the people of Wales and offer credible and achievable policies. We'll also campaign for greater powers for the Assembly, so that more of these policies can be delivered in Wales, hopefully by a Plaid led Government after the 2011 election. We're obviously doing something right if the opposition has to join forces to attack us!

So there you have it, as Kirsty suggests, no point voting for the Lib Dems in the Westminster election as they won't achieve anything. Thanks! I'll make sure the people of Montgomeryshire know that.

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hafod said...

Didn't realise the fib dems had rubbished the pensions pledge. But there again, they are 3 identikit parties now in London - Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.
Will they all be making the case for continued inequality, continued nuclear weapons, more deaths in Afghanistan and no tax on the City millionaires?