Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bit of a break from the campaign

Well, rather that turning up the heat with the campaign as I hoped, unfortunately, I am going to have to take at least two weeks break. Yesterday, I was diagnosed with a DVT - blood clot in my leg - and I'm off work and off the campaign trail until that's cleared up. Mainly bacause I can't walk! I was in too much pain on Sunday and in hospital yesterday when I should have been writing to all the schools that are under threat, and writing press releases so have completely missed the boat in terms of the local press this week. Plus I won't make it to any of Glyn's meetings unfortunately as I'd planned to. I am, however, a hundred per cent behind any campaign that the schools decide to run. I'd hate to see any of them close, and think we need a full and frank discussion about all the options and the future of education in the County before any decisions are taken. This issue is far too important not to consult on. And I will be writing to the schools later this week to express my views and to ask their opinions. Hoepfully they'll forgive me for not being in touch earlier.

One thing I have to say though is how brilliant the NHS have been. I have Nurses coming to see me daily and they have been so incredibly kind and answered all my questions fully. Its amazing the level of care I've been given already and I'm extremely grateful.

So yes, apologies if I am not responding as quickly to emails or campaigning as I should be. I do 100% still want to run the best campaign ever in the election, and I would love to be Montgomeryshire's next MP. But for now, my health has to come first. But I will be back, and fighting fit as soon as possible!


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

brysia wella

Glyn Davies said...

Get well soon. Your health is more important to you at this moment. You'll need to be 100% fit to keep up with me on the election trail in april!!

Dr. Christopher Wood said...

Get Well!

alanindyfed said...