Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is he really welcome?

So Mohammad Ashgar is now a Tory?! Whilst its disappointing to lose a Plaid AM, I hardly think he'll have a great time with the Tories. They are being incredibly two faced to accept and welcome him to their group, and to them, it's just a chance to score a few petty points rather than gain a valuable asset. In fact, I've lost count of the number of negative things I've personally heard them say about him over the past few months and the amount of times I've defended him to some Tory AM's, only to hear them ridicule and dismiss him. They've been incredibly cruel and down right nasty and times, and have made no secret of the fact that they find him laughable. He'll simply be a pawn in their political game, and whilst they may be smiling and welcoming him now, it won't be long until he's sidelined and shown no respect. They can't be trusted. It's also incredibly shabby of them, as Guerrilla Welshfare rightly points out, to do this on Rhodri Morgan's last day as First Minister and also without forcing him to pre-warn Plaid. Its childish behaviour, and one that proves that they wouldn't have been politically mature enough to handle the Rainbow Coalition.

As far as the future, I think Ashgar should do the honourable thing and stand down as an AM and then run as a Conservative. If he wins, fair enough - he will be the people's choice. But at least people will vote knowing what his values and beliefs are. His constituents were voting for a Plaid AM at the election and they should be able to decide if they still want him to represent them after changing his fundamental beliefs. That's the democratic and right thing to do.

So to summarise, whilst it is a shock and a shame, he's hardly going to be the shining light of the Conservatives in Wales and once he's served his purpose, the group will soon forget about him. Plaid Cymru accepted that Oscar was different and a bit of a character. Yes he was unpredictable and panicked us at times with some of his views, but he always had our full support and respect as an AM and we did defend him from others. Despite what they may have promised, he won't get the same from the Tories. For his sake, I hope those amongst the Conservative AM's who spoke badly and disrespectfuly of him will stop doing so as he'll need their support once the spotlight fades on this story.


Daran said...

"As far as the future, I think Ashgar should do the honourable thing and stand down as an AM and then run as a Conservative. If he wins, fair enough - he will be the people's choice."

If he stands down the next Plaid person on the list would be elected automatically. There wouldn't be a chance for him to run as a Conservative.

Politics is a funny old business though. For all the jubilation amongst the Conservatives today, what goes around comes around. Not that I'm predicting a defection from them, but such things are relatively limited successes in a world where short term advantage is rarely maintained.

Bearing in mind Oscar's declared views on the UK and monarchy, though, the biggest shock to me is that he was ever in Plaid in the first place...

Heledd Fychan said...

He could run as a Conservative in 2011 though - I can't see how he can dare stay in another party's list seat. Seems very undemocratic and doesn't give him any mandate.

Yes, you could say it's a shock he was ever a member given those views. Maybe he should have thought of it before standing! Find the jubilation sickening though from the Conservative group given how awful some of them have been about him. Also really feel sorry for his staff - basically been made unemployed just before Christmas with no warning. Really bad form.

Pond Life said...

It was ever thus

Recent examples spring to mind:
Quentin Davies
Bob Spink
Robert Jackson
Shaun Woodward

Interestingly these all crossed from Tory to Lab or in Spinks case UKIP

David Thomas said...

Mike German's blaming Adam I see - jumped before he was pushed?

I met Oscar at the Ysgol Haf in 2006 and found him thoughtful, polite and affable.