Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Going for it

I had a day off work today (Monday) to sort out the new house and clean the old one, and therefore was able to listen to Alex Salmond's speech launching the SNP's white paper on an independence referendum. Whilst I'm delighted for Scotland, I can't help but be jealous that there are one step ahead of Wales. I thought he outlined the reasons brilliantly, and felt that all the logical arguments used apply to Wales: the need for Welsh solutions to Welsh problems, whilst of course being part of a global community.

I am confident it will happen in my lifetime in Wales but there is of course a first stage we need to get past, which is to try and match what Scotland has now. However, listeneing today, has made me even more determined to start thinking about policies an independent Wales could implement, which are impossible under the current settlement and the one being proposed. After all, its essential that we plan for the future rather than just call for extra powers. In other words, we need to know exactly what we'd do with them before demanding them!

I have to admit, I can't wait for the next referenda to take place in Wales and Scotland. Devolution has proved itself to be worthwhile, and its about time it was allowed to progress. Let's hope 2010 is the year that allows that to happen. And let's hope that by 2020, Wales will be joining Scotland as an independent nation with its own voice on the world stage.

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Math Campbell said...

Da iawn to that!
Maddneingly, you're actually closer to a referendum in Wales than we are here though..
Apparently, according to Labour, now (well, next year actually) is the wrong time for a referendum that "only" 65% of the people favour, because there's a recession on, and besides no-one wants independence anyway, all the polls say that and they're far more important than actual elections.

The Lib-Dems don't want to be liberal and democratic on this and give the people a say because well, erm…recession!

Yet strangely apparently that recession must not be happening in Wales, 'cause they're both on board for a referendum in the National Assembly I understand…

Very strange, wouldn't you say…