Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Lembit quote

Reading the Independent today, I was surprised to come across another gem of a quote (for all the wrong reasons) by Montgomeryshire's current MP, Lembit Opik. In case you missed it, here is the piece in its entirety:

What with this being the final Pandora of the decade, readers can rest assured we've well and truly pushed the boat out.

Having resolved to settle for nothing less than a Noughties icon today, you can imagine my delight when column favourite Lembit Opik kindly agreed to break his recent vow of media silence to share his thoughts on the years ahead.

"I suppose what I'm really hoping for is a bit more luck," declares the colourful Lib Dem backbencher and former Cheeky Girl companion, before profoundly adding: "If you put as much money into the great fruit machine of life that I have, you've got to win sometime, surely?"

When it comes to his hopes for the coming decade, the MP is more characteristically upbeat: "By this time in 2019 I would still hope to be MP for Montgomeryshire, be a husband with a perfect family and be preparing to sell the film rights of my life story to Hollywood."

Opik, who is known to have been on strained terms with his party leader Nick Clegg in the past, now assures me relations have warmed in recent months. "My improved relationship with Nick Clegg is one of the sunnier stories of 2009," he declares.

Indeed, the politician, also a trained pilot, is keen to offer his services come election time. "I would be proud to fly my leader," he enthusiastically states.

"It would be a goodwill gesture rather than a suicide pact."

Fair enough that he'd still like to be an MP and have a family - a lot of us aspire to those ambitions - but to want to sell the film rights to his life? I'm sorry, but it just proves yet again that he is totally delluded. Does the MP really think his life is that interesting and entertaining? And what escapades can we expect over the next decade if he thinks that it would all make for a good film? Though, looking at some of his antics, a Mr Bean type film could be do-able...

Lembit's new year's resolution should be to stop all this silly nonsense, and focus on being the best MP he can for a beautiful area that deserves to be represented properly. He's an utter joke of an MP and this just proves it yet again. As an MP, you shouldn't be the story - your constituency should be. Which is why my new year's resolution is to increase the Plaid Cymru vote substantially in Montgomeryshire and give Glyn a Lembit a real fight. I might not have as many resources as them, but I do have passion and determination and would not let the electorate down if elected. I'm interested in politics, not because I want to be a Z list celebrity, but because I want to make a difference to the lives of the people living in Montgomeryshire and help them get the best deal possible. The months ahead should be interesting...

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