Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ahoy there!

Thank you Vaughan Roderick for once again bringing us some Lembit related news. Today's story, from the Daily Mail, is as follows:

"Passengers on board a luxurious cruise ship were shocked to find Lib Dem Lembit Opik joining them at a time when Parliament was sitting... the MP for Montgomeryshire... has just got back from a trip around the Canary Islands on board Cunard's second largest ship, the Queen Victoria... Opik, 44, was given a free six-day trip, worth around £3,000, in exchange for giving two lectures to the 2,000-odd passengers."

When will Mr Opik learn that this kind of behaviour just isn't acceptable. How did the people of Montgomeryshire benefit in any way? Fair enough if he'd done this during recess and when he was on official annual leave, but to do it at a time when parliament was sitting and he was being paid to represent his constituents is actually completely wrong and incredibly disrespectful to those who elected him. Montgomeryshire deserves better - not an MP who's willing to sun himself and bore people on cruise ships rather than sit in parliament doing his job. Though maybe its a blessing. At least if he loses the election we now know that he'll be mainly at sea and out of everybody's way - another reason to avoid Cruise ship holidays!

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