Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What were they thinking?

So, Labour was forced to make yet another u-turn today. Its becoming something of a habit isn't it! This time it was over the timing of the referendum. When is Peter Hain going to stop his silly interferring in the affairs of the Assembly? And why did Rhodri Morgan go along with it? Yes, Hain did play an important role in 1997 but things have moved on and he's no longer top dog. When is he going to accept that? He really is losing the respect of everyone who's pro devolution, even those in his own party, and constantly seems to be trying to destabilise the colaition. Why try and damage Wales in that way?

Luckily, by this evening, everything seems to have settled down again but when is Labour going to read Hain the riot act and stop him from playing these kind of dangerous games? The One Wales agreement stated that there would be a referendum before 2011. Every report published recently supports that fact. So why isn't he listening to the people of Wales and constantly ignoring the voice of the majority by trying to stop it from happening? What is he afraid of?!

I hope he gets a hard time when he visits the Senedd tomorrow. I'll certainly be watching with interest. I'm sure twitter will keep me posted!

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