Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bah humbug!

Now, before I go on, can I just state from the very start. I love Christmas. Mincemeat has been made, and I still have a scar on my arm from making mince pies last year. I've even done most of my Christmas shopping and decided on gifts for the rest. Plus I've organised a few Christmas get togethers. So, I am no scrooge... BUT. Is anyone else as annoyed as me that Christmas has seemed to have start even earlier than usual this year? It's honestly doing my head in!

Surely, Christmas lights and so on shouldn't go on until the 1st of December? People shouldn't be talking non stop about Christmas? Plus, I'm convinved Christmas adverts are on earlier than usual.. Its utterly ridiculous and takes the magic out of Christmas. Plus its very unfair on those who don't celebrate Christmas...

So, who's with me on a campaign so Christmas can't start before December for 2010? Ok, so its not the most important matter in the world. And its not going to achieve world peace. But, it would mean that the meaning of Christmas wouldn't be lost and that the festive period wasn't allowed to get out of hand!

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Nigel Roscoe G0RXA said...

There used to be a hostelry in my locality which refused to put up any decorations until at a week may be two before the big day.

Personally, I agree the meaning of Christmas has been diluted to extent that it's just another holiday and an excuse to spend money. Sadly, for some people the temptation to over spend is too easy.