Sunday, November 29, 2009

Symud eto!

Wel dwi di symud ty eto felly sori am y distawrwydd. Dal yng Nghaerdydd ond bach yn agosach at gwaith. Mae'n hunllef symud dydi. Gen i gymaint o rwtsh a papurau o bob math. Dwn i ddim sut dwi'n casglu cyn gymaint! Gobaith rwan ydi o leia un blog bob diwrnod rhwng rwan a 'dolig. Hefyd yn ail gydio yn yr ymgyrchu wythnos yma ar ol mis reit ddistaw. Fawr o ysbrydoliaeth gen i heno, ond mi feddylia'i am rwbeth i roi fyny fory.

Un peth sydyn - llongyfarchiadau anferthol i Jonathan Edwards ar gael ei ddewis fel ymgeisydd ar gyfer yr Etholiad Cyffredinol nesaf. Gen i barch anhygoel iddo fo, a dwi'n gwybod bydd o'n Aelod Seneddol ffantastig os bydd o'n ennill yr etholiad (fel dwi'n siwr y gwneith o). Dwi'n edrych mlaen i ddilyn ei ymgyrch a'i weld yn dechrau ar ei yrfa fel gwleidydd. Mae jest y math o berson mae Cymru ei angen i fod yn San Steffan yn cwffio ar ein rhan. Gan obeithio bydd yna dim mwy nag erioed o'r blaen o Aelodau Seneddol Plaid Cymru yn llwyddianus hefyd!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What were they thinking?

So, Labour was forced to make yet another u-turn today. Its becoming something of a habit isn't it! This time it was over the timing of the referendum. When is Peter Hain going to stop his silly interferring in the affairs of the Assembly? And why did Rhodri Morgan go along with it? Yes, Hain did play an important role in 1997 but things have moved on and he's no longer top dog. When is he going to accept that? He really is losing the respect of everyone who's pro devolution, even those in his own party, and constantly seems to be trying to destabilise the colaition. Why try and damage Wales in that way?

Luckily, by this evening, everything seems to have settled down again but when is Labour going to read Hain the riot act and stop him from playing these kind of dangerous games? The One Wales agreement stated that there would be a referendum before 2011. Every report published recently supports that fact. So why isn't he listening to the people of Wales and constantly ignoring the voice of the majority by trying to stop it from happening? What is he afraid of?!

I hope he gets a hard time when he visits the Senedd tomorrow. I'll certainly be watching with interest. I'm sure twitter will keep me posted!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mongtomeryshire being battered

Montgomeryshire is under siege during this dreadful weather. There are terrbile floods, landslides and road closures - so the emergency services have their work cut out to get everything back on track. So please, those of you who are travelling about Mid Wales, please do take care and be aware that your journey could take much longer than usual. And if you can stay at home, all the better. Take care!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's the day!

So, finally, we'll find out in a few hours what the All Wales Convention thinks regarding a referendum on further powers for the Welsh Assembly. I can't wait, and I for one will be fully committed to a yes campaign when the time comes. BUT - I still think from listening to the media today that there is a huge job to do in explaining to the people of Wales what exactly they would be voting for. There is huge confusion at present about the powers of Westminter and the Assembly, and this needs to be tackled as soon as possible. That's the only way to truly engage and connect with the Welsh electorate, and develop a new style of politics in Wales. One that involves every citizen.

The one thing that's clear is that the current system isn't working and that things need to change. But saying that isn't enough. The yes campaign now needs to mobalize and set up a proper campaign. Who's with me?!

Bah humbug!

Now, before I go on, can I just state from the very start. I love Christmas. Mincemeat has been made, and I still have a scar on my arm from making mince pies last year. I've even done most of my Christmas shopping and decided on gifts for the rest. Plus I've organised a few Christmas get togethers. So, I am no scrooge... BUT. Is anyone else as annoyed as me that Christmas has seemed to have start even earlier than usual this year? It's honestly doing my head in!

Surely, Christmas lights and so on shouldn't go on until the 1st of December? People shouldn't be talking non stop about Christmas? Plus, I'm convinved Christmas adverts are on earlier than usual.. Its utterly ridiculous and takes the magic out of Christmas. Plus its very unfair on those who don't celebrate Christmas...

So, who's with me on a campaign so Christmas can't start before December for 2010? Ok, so its not the most important matter in the world. And its not going to achieve world peace. But, it would mean that the meaning of Christmas wouldn't be lost and that the festive period wasn't allowed to get out of hand!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Argoeli'n dda!

Fush i'n canfasio am 'chydig heddiw yng Ngheredigion gyda Penri James, ymgeisydd Plaid Cymru yno ac Aelod Seneddol nesaf Ceredigion yn ol yr ymateb! Roedd yn wych gweld gymaint o ymgyrchwyr yn ymuno ag ef er gwaethaf y gwynt a'r glaw ac roedd yn galonogol bod cyn gymaint o'r rhai y buom yn eu canfasio yn cefnogi Penri ac yn gwybod amdano cyn i ni eu cyfarch! Mae'n rhaid mi gyfaddef mod i'n teimlo bach yn genfigenus wrth weld cyn gymaint o bobl yn dod at eu gilydd i ganfasio yng Ngheredigion - fyswn i wrth fy modd cael tim mor fawr ym Maldwyn! Ond dyna ni - dyna'r sialens imi ym Maldwyn a dwi'n benderfynnol o godi'r nifer o actifyddion sydd gennym ni rhwng rwan a'r etholiad!

Penwythnos dwytha ro'n i hefyd wedi bod allan yn canfasio gyda Hywel Williams yng Nghaernarfon. Roedd yr ymateb yn wych iddo yntau a pawb wrth eu boddau i weld eu haelod seneddol lleol! Ella bod o'n beth od ichi mod i'n canfasio mewn seddi eraillo dro i dro ond mae'n rhaid mi ddweud bod rhywun yn dysgu llawer drwy wneud hynny. Wythnos dwytha a heddiw mi wnesh i bigo fyny dipyn o 'tips' ynglyn a sut i ganfasio'n effeithiol a'r dasg rwan ydi datblygu hyn yn fy sedd i. Felly watch out Maldwyn - mi fydda ni allan yn curo'r drysau cyn hir. A mi fydd ganddo system 'super douper' er mwyn gwneud hynny! Edrych mlaen!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IWA Women

I went along to the IWA Women launch last night. It was an interesting evening, and there was an impressive turnout. There were even - shock horror - men there, which included Carwyn Jones and Nick Bourne. I was glad to see that, as equality is something both men and women need to tackle. Its not something that should be left to one sex to deal with.

Much of the focus was on the involvement of women in politics and how ensure a gender balance in the future. Now, personally, I've never been in favour of all female lists or women automatically topping the list. If I ever top a poll I want it to be on merit rather than because of my gender, and though positive discrimination seems to have worked, I think its time to move on. Even so, I have to admit I found it interesting to hear that everyone seems to believe that a male will automatically top some of the party's regional lists before anyone has declared their candiditure! I still like to think that hustings are democratic and that people keep an open mind until then! Maybe that's slightly naive, but still...

Personally, I do hope the assembly sustains its hugely important gender balance but of course, there is work to be done in maintaining that and tackling equality at council and Westminster level. It's going to be a challenge though. I often think that members who are not within commuting distances to either Westminster or the Welsh Assembly will always have to make huge sacrifices if they have young families, and will have to think hard about going into politics especially if they're based in North Wales. No parent wants to have to leave their children behind for days at a time every week and its not like you can be there full time with them when you're back in the consituency. It's bound to put a strain on any relationship and I'm not sure quite how you tackle that fundamental issue so that we encourage more young people to engage in politics and run for office. Irrespecitve of gender.

IWA Women certainly has a role to play and I look forward to seeing how the work evolves. There are no easy solutions, but at least there are people now committed to exploring some difficult issues and thinking of ways to tackle them. Politics will hugely benefit from this kind of thinking - long may it continue!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Countryworks, Montgomery

On Friday night, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Christmas preview of merchandise for sale at Countryworks in Montgomery. I'd never been to the shop before, and I must say - I was immediately impressed. Not only was the place full of character, but it also had plenty of beautiful gifts and decorations fot the festive period. It was also packed full of people, and it was lovely to meet them. They were incredibly welcoming, and I'll definitely be back there soon. I did end up spending some money, but want to go back again closer to christmas and get some gifts. Beautiful works of art of display there as well so its worth a visit. Montgomeryshire is full of little gems like this which will make it very easy to shop locally for Christmas presents this year whilst hitting the campaign trail!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cadw'r ffydd

For the first time since starting the campaign, I was dreading the drive to Montgomeryshire and back tonight for the monthly campaign meeting. It was dark and wet by the time I reached Brecon Beacons, and I was tempted to turn the car round and head back to Cardiff. Having just returned home, I can say with confidence that I'm delighted I didn't as there was a great turn and we had an excellent meeting. In fact, I was buzzing with ideas the whole way back thinking how we're going to tackle the campaign over the next six months. Things will go up a gear once again in the new year and we're more than ready for it! But of course, planning will be crucial and that needs to be done and finalised over the next few weeks.

Also in the new year, I'll be holding a number of informal meetings in Montgomeryshire for those who are either new members or interested in finding out more about Plaid Cymru. Please get in touch - - if you'd like to come along or if you have any queries or questions. Also, don't forget to renew your membership if you're an existing member so I ensure you're on our database. I have forms so email me if you fall into that category!

Other than the campaign, life has been a bit busy as of late. Lots to do in my day to day job - all interesting stuff but a number of tasks needs to be completed - plus a few other things such as developing my new campaign website. Fitness drive has fallen by the wayside unfortunately but resuming this week so I'm ready for the Santa run in December! Need to find somewhere to live in Cardiff by the end of this month as well so if you know of any reasonably priced flats for rent in the Pontcanna/ Canton area, please get in touch. I'd be grateful of your help.

Anyway, enough for tonight. Thanks to those who attended tonight's meeting and made me glad that I didn't turn the car round. It was definitely worth while!