Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welsh Food Festival

Just back from the fantastic Welsh Food Festival at Glansevern Hall. What a wonderful event and such a stunning setting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and spent a fortune on some treats to take home to my Grandmother. The biggest difficulty was trying to stop myself from buying one of everything -such a tempting array of all kinds of local produce. I'll definitely be back again next year!

Saw Glyn Davies again - we'll be like old friends by the end of the campaign at this rate - and also, for the first time since being selected as a candidate - Lembit Opik. Well it had to happen at some stage and better to get it over and done with. Chatted to him and Glyn for a while - shame no one was on hand to take a picture as I think it would have been quite amusing. It was all very polite and pleasant - it will be interesting to see how the dynamics change between all of us in the run up to the election. At least we all bonded over one thing - the Labour candidate. He's nowhere to be seen. Glyn's met him once, but other than that, we haven't seen him. Guess Labour aren't putting up much of a fight here then which is surprising given how interesting the seat will be in the next election. They usually come third so it seems a bit silly not to run a strong campaign. Not that I'm complaining. I'll happily go after all the Labour votes! Well, as well as some Liberal Democrat and Conservative ones of course...

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