Monday, September 28, 2009

The perils of blogging when angry...

Well, I seriously wasn't expecting my post on bikes to be picked up by the echo today. It makes me sound like I care passionately about bikes, which everyone who knows me well is finding hilarious this morning. Especially given that I was the only one at my primary school to fail the practical element of the cycling exam. Oh well. At least the paper didn't print that it was my first time on a bike since I was twelve... And there were no pictures, which is definitely a blessing.

I feel like I should up-date you about what happened on Saturday. After two and a half hours, everything was sorted and we eventually had a very enjoyable ten mile bike ride. No problems dropping them off at the end of the day either. I know every new scheme has teething problems, and I will try it again in the future in the hope everything has been sorted out but it was very frustrating at the time. It is a brilliant idea and I'm delighted to see it up and running. Yes, the company were at fault not to offer more support on the first weekend but I'm sure they'll learn from that. Cycling is certainly a great way to get round the city, and the opportunity to hire a bike has made me think of investing in one myself now. And were it not for the free bikes, then I wouldn't have known that!

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Amanwy said...

Pleased to hear you enjoyed. Sadly there's a big gender gap in cycling. Sustrans are trying to close it and have set up this site with advice for women cyclists: