Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Llanbrynmair Show

I visited the Llanbrynmair Show for a few hours yesterday, and really enjoyed myself. Many of my family members were there, and my second cousin even won with his sheep! There was a fantastic atmosphere, and I think Llanbrynmair was one of the few places in Wales yesterday where the sun shone. I even caught the sun and have tan lines! My Father came to help me, and I was amazed by the positive response to the campaign. Many came up to me, and told me they'd be voting Plaid for the first time in their lives in this next election, which is always heartening to hear. And no, these people weren't related to me before you ask and many weren't Welsh speakers either. I know I have an uphill struggle to increase the vote in Montgomeryshire, but anything can happen between now and then and I'm determined to stay positive and run in the hope of capturing the seat. It's certainly going to be an interesting race... Llanfaircaereinion show next Saturday and the Welsh Food Fair. Can't wait! If you hear of anything else interesting coming up in Montgomeryshire that you think I should be attending, please be sure to let me know - heledd@gmail.com. I like to keep myself busy!

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