Friday, August 21, 2009

Welshpool Town Council

I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity next Wednesday night, 26th August, to address Welshpool Town Council on my upcoming motion to the Plaid Cymru conference relating to the transportation of wind farms. Though I've discussed the issue with a lot of people locally and have read what the town council has said on the matter, it will be interesting to meet with them face to face and ensure that my argument at conference reflects their views fairly and coherently. It's an open meeting, so all Welshpool residents are welcome to attend. Remember to let me know your views on the matter before conference, which starts on the 10th of September, and I'll certainly read them and take them into account when formulating my proposing speech. Either leave a comment on this blog, or email me directly:

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David Thomas said...

Pob hwyl yn y cyfarfod! Mae na teimladau cryf yn yr ardal 'ma.