Saturday, August 15, 2009

All go!

Had a great day campaigning in Montgomeryshire today. Managed to visit the Llanfyllin. Carno and District and Montgomery Shows and also the El Sueno Existe Festival in Machynlleth. Hence why it was all go! All three shows were brilliant fun, yet unique in character. Made me determined to start competing again with my chutneys, jams and cakes though. Forgot how much fun it can be! My days helping to show sheep always comes in handy at shows as well - people expect a youngish girl interested in politics to know nothing about farming, so it's always nice to be able to give them a bit of a shock! As always, badger culling came up along with a lot of other important rural concerns - all of which I made a note of and will be following up.

El Sueno Existe was totally different but equally interesting. It's a festival to celebrate the life and work of Victor Jara. There was so many different activities going on, from talks to music to dancing. Plaid Cymru's Bro Ddyfi branch had a stall at hopefully we've recruited some new members. They really are a fantastic group of people, who are committed to their area. They've been extremely welcoming since I've become a candidate, and it makes life as a candidate a million times easier. One of the main issues people in Machynlleth wanted to discuss was the new Tescos. Opinions are divided, and I'll have to consider for myself the arguments before coming out in favour or against. Feel free to let me know your views!

I managed to spend a fortune today on various things. Bought some beautiful brooches at the Llanfyllin Show along with some tasty Berriew Cider, and then some cakes to bring home for my Grandmother at the Montgomery show. God knows how many raffles I've entered but they were all for good causes!

I did meet the UKIP candidate for the first time at Llanfyllin but didn't bump into any of the other candidates. Maybe we were on a different loop of the county. Still haven't come across the Labour man - hopefully soon. We'll all be seeing quite a bit of one another once the election starts so it would be good to get the introductions out of the way!

Some campaigning in Newtown tomorrow, then lunch in Welshpool with my grandmother. She hasn't been to Revells yet and I've promised her a gorgeous beef dinner. She won't be disappointed.


Dewi Harries said...

Starting blogging on Slugger - gave you a mentch...

David Thomas said...

Braf weld blog yma yn y County Times ddoe. Dal ati!