Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jewellery Performance in Berriew!

Well, it wasn't a fashion show that I was at tonight but rather a jewellery performance. And what a show! I loved every second.

If you haven't been to Andrew Logan's Museum of Sculpture in Berriew, then I'd urge you to check it out. It's not what you'd expect to find in Mid Wales, and yet it completely suits the beauty of the area to have something so spectacular, over the top and stunning within such a natural setting. I'll definitely be back there for a proper look soon. Tonight, they were re-opening the museum with a stunning jewellery performance. The show takes place annually, and the models are mainly local men and women who love the opportunity to display his jewellery. I'd love to own a piece - I could have spent an absolute fortune if I had it to spend! Must check that lottery ticket in case I've been lucky... Then I can be covered from head to toe in his beautiful jewellery!

Definitely taking family and friends there in the future. Another must see place in Montgomeryshire for sure!

Glum Councillors

Well, my friend sent me this link today to a website dedicated to pictures of councillors looking glum. How many of these type of pictures do you see in local newspapers every week?! Made me laugh anyway! Some handy hints on how not to pose during the election campaign.!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Berriew Show

Well, I had a great afternoon at Berriew show today. Bumped into many Plaid Cymru activists and supporters which was lovely, and just generally enjoyed myself. There was one brilliant cooking competition which I haven't seen at a show before - cooking disaster, where everyone who'd meant to enter in any of the cookery competitions could submit their disaster if everything had gone wrong. There was even a first prize! Fantastic... The entries in general were impressive - I've never seen such a big beetroot or leek in my life!

The show itself was extremely lively, and full of people and activities. Even some acrobatics which I could never possibly even attempt. Impressive to watch though! I also enjoyed the dog jumping which is always good fun. No surprise, but I also bumped into Glyn Davies and Mick Bates. Berriew Show was obviously the place to be today!

Off to fashion show in Berriew tomorrow night, then Llanbrynmair show on Monday. A lot of my family will be at Monday's show so will be great to catch up with them. And organise who'll be willing to have a Plaid Cymru sign in their fields closer to the election!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Update on Welshpool Town Council

As I stated in an earlier post, I got the opportunity to address Welshpool town council on Wednesday night. I have a motion coming up at the Plaid Cymru conference regarding the transportation of wind farms, and I'm going to use Welshpool as an example. I wanted, therefore, to make sure that the town council agreed with the motion and also that my arguments reflected their views. They certainly gave me enough arguments to support my motion, and agreed with my motion. So I'm delighted. Knowing that I have the backing of the town council will help me make my case better at conference, and if successful will commit Plaid to having a definite stance on this important local issue.

I enjoyed meeting the council, they were a great group of people. They obviously get a lot done and were incredibly organised. I promised to update them on how the motion is voted on at conference - hopefully, I won't let them down!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A happy Nain...

Well, my Nain Gwen (my grandmother) is delighted to be mentioned in this week's County Times. For the first time, they printed an extract from my blog in this week's paper and it happened to contain a reference to the fact that I was taking my grandmother out for Sunday lunch to Welshpool. My grandmother isn't into this new technology business, so obviously would never see my blog online but she does read the County Times from cover to cover (minus the sports pages) every week. And usually gives out to me if there's no reference to my campaign in it. Nice not to disappoint her this week! I'll have to try my best to keep it up now... And try to find another way to get a nice reference about her in the paper!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welshpool Town Council

I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity next Wednesday night, 26th August, to address Welshpool Town Council on my upcoming motion to the Plaid Cymru conference relating to the transportation of wind farms. Though I've discussed the issue with a lot of people locally and have read what the town council has said on the matter, it will be interesting to meet with them face to face and ensure that my argument at conference reflects their views fairly and coherently. It's an open meeting, so all Welshpool residents are welcome to attend. Remember to let me know your views on the matter before conference, which starts on the 10th of September, and I'll certainly read them and take them into account when formulating my proposing speech. Either leave a comment on this blog, or email me directly:

The Bill

This blog post is nothing to do with politics. Just wondering if there are any other fans of the television series, The Bill, reading this blog? If so, what do you make of the new style/ format? I caught up with two episodes on sky plus earlier and I hated them. I know it's now supposed to be 'edgier' but to me, it just comes across as being a bit over the top. All those moody looks, terrible music... Bring back the old tried and tested format! This is far too slow paced and boring. The producers are trying too hard to turn it into a drama series rather than the former soap opera style. It may look slightly classier, but its not as good. Well, in my humble opinion anyway!

Cau Chwarel Dinorwig

Mae'n 40ain mlynedd fory ers i Chwarel Dinorwig gau. Mae yna lwyth o weithgareddau mlaen yn yr Amgueddfa Lechi yn Llanberis i nodi'r achlysur, ynghyd ac arddangosfa hynod o bwysig - Cofio'r Cau. Un o'r pethau 'mwya trawiadol yn yr arddangosfa ydi'r straeon digidol sydd i'w gweld, lle mae yna nifer o bobl leol yn adrodd eu hatgofion nhw am y chwarel a'r cau. Mae nhw'n hynod o effeithiol o ran cyfleu'r hanes, ac yn agoriad llygad ynglyn a sut oedd bywyd yn yr ardal yng nghyfnod y chwareli. Mi fyswn i'n argymell ichi fynd am drip a gweld yr arddangosfa drosta chi'ch hun. Er mai un fach ydi hi, chewch chi mo'ch siomi.

Un o'r pethau mae'r arddangosfa yn cyfeirio atyn nhw ydi mai ar lechen o chwarel Dinorwig yn arwisgwyd Charles, chydig ddyddiau cyn i'r cyhoeddiad ynglyn a'r cau gael ei wneud. Creulon o eironig yn de. Cyd-ddgwyddiad bod y cyhoeddiad ddim wedi dod tan ar ol y diwrnod mawr, ta jest un o'r pethau anffodus yna? Mi gewch chi wneud eich meddwl eich hun i fyny am y peth!

Tesco in Machynlleth

I have been talking to many people in Machynlleth about the proposed new Tesco's store there, and will hold a meeting of Plaid members in the next few weeks. I have my own views on the matter, but before making them public, I would like to hear more from the good people of Montgomeryshire. Please feel free to comment either on this blog or to email me directly - I will take every viewpoint into account. Apart from two people, everyone I spoke to in Machynlleth were in favour. Even those running some of the shops.

I would like to state, however, how concerned I am that some people are trying to give the impression that there is split between people who've moved into the area and locals on this issue. That is extremely harmful to the community, and isn't even true. It's also ridiculous to state that a Tesco's store will be harmful to the language. Tesco's has a fantastic bi-lingual policy, and employs local people. Certainly, the store hasn't had a negative impact on the langugae in Caernarfon. The majority of check out women or men I've come across there have been Welsh speakers. The same isn't true for every supermarket so credit where credit's due to Tesco's.

Personally, when its practical, I always try and shop in small local businesses. I prefer choosing an exact cut of meat and knowing which farm its from, or selecting seasonal fruit or vegetable from a small shop where I can chat to the owners and so on. But I do also shop in supermarkets, especially when money has been tight or if I can't get to a local shop during the day. Whatever view I do take on the Machynlleth store- and I will take a decisive one - will be based on evidence and from what the people of Machynlleth tell me. I look forward to hearing further from you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Newyddion Adam

Felly mae'r sibrydion wedi bod yn wir. Yn anffodus. Mae Adam Price yn sefyll lawr fel Cyfarwyddwr Etholiadau Plaid Cymru. Mae'n ddrwg iawn gen i glywed hynny. Mae Adam wedi cyflawni gymaint yn y rol honno, ac wedi gwneud cyfraniad aruthrol i ddatblygiad y blaid dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf. Ei weledigaeth o sydd yn bennaf gyfrifol am ein holl lwyddianau, ac mae ei weledigaeth ar gyfer etholiadau 2011 wedi bod yn hynod o bwysig o ran ysgogi ac arwain gwaith y blaid. Mae yna eraill wedi gwneud cyfraniadau yr un mor bwysig, yn amlwg, ond mae'n bwysig ar ol newydd heddiw talu teyrnged i waith Adam a cydnabod yr holl waith mae wedi ei wneud yn y rol ers 2005.

Fedra'i ddeall ei resymau am roi'r gorau iddi, a dwi'n gwybod bydd Adam yn sicr yn parhau i wneud cyfraniad hyd yn oed heb deitl o'r fath. Mae gan bob cenhedlaeth ambell i berson arbennig sydd yn arweinwyr naturiol, ac mae Adam yn un o'r bobl yna. Dio'm ofn cymeryd penderfyniadau anodd a bod yn styfnig amdanyn nhw, cynnig syniadau radical,na chwaith corddi'r dyfroedd pan mae angen. Mi fydd hi'n ddifyr gweld be wneith o gyda mwy o amser ar ei blat.

Sgwn i rwan pwy ddaw yn ei le o i wneud y swydd? Yn sicr, mi fydd ganddyn nhw dasg gyffrous o'u blaenau gyda etholiadau San Steffan, refferendwm posib a wedyn etholiadau'r cynulliad yn 2011! Mae Adam wedi gosod seiliau cadarn. Mae'n ddyletswydd rwan ar y gweddill ohona ni i adeiladu arnyn nhw, a sicrhau mai Plaid fydd yn arwain llywodraeth y Cynulliad ar ol etholiadau 2011.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Total Politics - Top 60 Welsh Blogs

Just a quick blog to say a huge thank you - diolch o galon - to everyone who voted for this blog for the total politics listing. Genuinely pleasantly surprised to see that I polled at number 12! Also delighted to see how many Plaid Cymru blogs made an appearance, with 7 out of the top 10 being Plaid ones including the top spot. Llongyfarchiadau pawb!Hen Rech Flin makes an interesting observation about the number of blogs which regularly write in Welsh that are listed. Hollol haeddianol a falch o weld bod pobl yn pleidleisio drostynt. Cau ceg pawb sy'n meddwl bod sgwennu'n y Gymraeg yn gul!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

All go!

Had a great day campaigning in Montgomeryshire today. Managed to visit the Llanfyllin. Carno and District and Montgomery Shows and also the El Sueno Existe Festival in Machynlleth. Hence why it was all go! All three shows were brilliant fun, yet unique in character. Made me determined to start competing again with my chutneys, jams and cakes though. Forgot how much fun it can be! My days helping to show sheep always comes in handy at shows as well - people expect a youngish girl interested in politics to know nothing about farming, so it's always nice to be able to give them a bit of a shock! As always, badger culling came up along with a lot of other important rural concerns - all of which I made a note of and will be following up.

El Sueno Existe was totally different but equally interesting. It's a festival to celebrate the life and work of Victor Jara. There was so many different activities going on, from talks to music to dancing. Plaid Cymru's Bro Ddyfi branch had a stall at hopefully we've recruited some new members. They really are a fantastic group of people, who are committed to their area. They've been extremely welcoming since I've become a candidate, and it makes life as a candidate a million times easier. One of the main issues people in Machynlleth wanted to discuss was the new Tescos. Opinions are divided, and I'll have to consider for myself the arguments before coming out in favour or against. Feel free to let me know your views!

I managed to spend a fortune today on various things. Bought some beautiful brooches at the Llanfyllin Show along with some tasty Berriew Cider, and then some cakes to bring home for my Grandmother at the Montgomery show. God knows how many raffles I've entered but they were all for good causes!

I did meet the UKIP candidate for the first time at Llanfyllin but didn't bump into any of the other candidates. Maybe we were on a different loop of the county. Still haven't come across the Labour man - hopefully soon. We'll all be seeing quite a bit of one another once the election starts so it would be good to get the introductions out of the way!

Some campaigning in Newtown tomorrow, then lunch in Welshpool with my grandmother. She hasn't been to Revells yet and I've promised her a gorgeous beef dinner. She won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transportation of wind farms

I have a motion relating to this coming up at the Plaid Cymru conference and would appreciate hearing your views on the matter. The process is under way in Carmarthenshire, and I will be keeping a close eye on the impact the disruption might have. I know the people of Welshpool and the surrounding area are hugely concerned about this and I'm keen to help the campaign best I can. Please email me your concerns and comments and I will make sure to include them in my conference motion argument.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Social Mobility Essay

Whilst I was away, my essay was published on If you have any comments, feel free to get in touch. I'd welcome them!

Un arall drosodd...

Teimlo bach yn fflat heddiw ar ddiwedd eisteddfod arall. Doedd hi'n wythnos wych! Do cafwyd chydig o fwd, ond o ddydd mercher ymlaen, fe gafo ni haul. Gwyrth! Ond nid jest y tywydd oedd yn gyfrifol am ei gwneud hi'n wythnos wych, Roedd hi bendant yn un o'r eisteddfodau gorau dwi'n ei gofio gyda llwyth o ddigwyddiadau difyr a bwrlwm heintus. Mae'n gwneud gwahaniaeth pan mae'r eisteddfod yng nghanol tref hefyd yn hytrach na mewn cae ar y cyrion, ac yn sicr, mae Bala'n leoliad delfrydol. Roedd y croeso gan bobl Sir Feirionnydd yn anhygoel hefyd a pawb yn gwenu a mwynhau drwy'r wythnos. Edrych mlaen ar gyfer eisteddfod 2010 yn barod ond mi fyswn i'n erfyn ar y trefnwyr i drefnu wi-fi am ddim i bawb ar y maes. Fethish i gael cyfrifiadur ddigon hir er mwyn medru blogio ac roedd o'n rhwystredig ar y diawl! Ond dyna ni. O leia gesh i wythnos o ryddid oddi wrth y cyfrifiadur.

Roedd hi'n hyfryd dal fyny gyda pawb a gwneud ffrinidau newydd hefyd. Lle da di'r steddfod am sgyrsiau difyr! Roedd yna lwyth o bobl Maldwyn yno a gret oedd cael clywed ganddyn nhw a trafod syniadau. Synnu bod llais ar ol gen i deud gwir. Edrych mlaen rwan i fynd ati i ddarllen yr holl lyfrau brynnish i. Digon i'n nghadw i'n ddistaw am dipyn! Er mae bloggio'n mynd i fod llawer mwy cyson o hyn ymlaen. Gaddo!