Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh no, not again...

So Montgomeryshire is once again hitting the tabloid headlines. Any guesses why this time?

Problems with transport in rural areas? Transportation of windfarms? Lack of employment for young people?

No, it's another 'worthwhile' story as always... Lembit Opik and his love life. Even the BBC website is carrying the story, though oddly in the politics rather than the entertainment section.

I honestly don't care who he dates, but I do care when it's only his love life or purchase of wigs that seems to hit the headlines. Lembit recently complained that the media was far too focused on his love life, but to be honest, it's his own fault. He poses for the most ridiculous photographs, pimps himself on every tv show going, gives interviews to celeb gossip magazines and has even in the past let a tv film crew film him proposing to a cheeky girl. Hardly the acts of a man who's desperate for the media to leave him alone so he can be taken seriously in politics.

Lembit Opik needs to decide once and for all if he wants to be a celebrity or a politician. His constituency deserves better. There are real issues affecting real people which are currently being ignored. All the media he generates is linked to his personal life, and it's become a circus by now. Yet again - bring on the election I say. It's about time the people of Montgomeryshire got to make their feelings clear on the matter. They deserve better than this.


Cangen Bontnewydd Branch, Plaid Cymru said...

heledd bach, have some pity - he is obviously a very sick man

cymrumark said...

congrats on drawing the fire of the lib dems on this. Theyw ould not hesitate to use personal attacks and your are quite reasonable...they make the elemental mistake of responding to you :)