Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It gets interesting...

Just read Glyn Davies' latest blog post about there being a new candidate in the race for Montgomeryshire - UKIP's D W L (dwl? really?!) Rowlands. Should be interesting. I'm surprised Glyn refers to him as a good friend though - would have thought a UKIP candidate would be more damaging to the conservative vote than anyone else's! Will certainly make this unpredictable race even more interesting and unpredictable!

Although I fully realise that Glyn was using horseracing imagery in this recent blog post about Montgomeryshire’s declared runners, I'm not impressed with being called a filly. Slightly sexist and condescending - if Glyn thinks just because I'm female I'm foolish then he certainly will get a shock when the race starts!

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Anonymous said...

Yes that is rather odd. UKIP could do him the real damage electorally!