Friday, June 5, 2009

What next?!?

I can hardly find the words to describe the range of feelings I've felt since 10pm last night. Shock, amazement, excitement, fear, elation... Its been exhilarating, and yet surreal. Can you believe it - Gordon Brown could be forced to stand down as Prime Minister in the next few hours or days and there could be a General Election in a matter of weeks! All this even before the European election results are known! Its been such a rollercoaster since Purnell announced his resignation. What do you make of it all? And what do you think will happen next? One thing's for certain - I need to start finalising my plans for the Montgomeryshire campaign now. I'm determined to run a strong campaign, and send a clear message that Plaid Cymru is a real alternative and that I'm running to win.

I see the BBC are saying this morning that Darling will remain as Chancellor. What a turn around. The ball is no longer in Brown's court and he's probably desperate for those who are in post to stay now. What a weak position to be in. He can't risk alienating anyone else by risking a bold reshuffle, and there's always a chance that everyone will refuse a Cabinet position. Well, who wants to join a sinking ship if you're serious about raising up the ranks in the future?

The Plaid Cymru-SNP debate next Wednesday about the dissolution of parliament couldn't be timed better. Brown could well be defeated in the vote, and that would truly be historical. I've never seen anything like the events of the past few weeks - everything has changed so dramatically and its difficult to keep up with it all. Luckily Plaid has come out of this well, and people see clearly that we have something different to offer. We could even come first in the European election result in Wales! That would be such a turn around but it could well happen. And if we are to have a General Election in the next few weeks, then I'm certain that Plaid will have more MPs than ever before. Bring it on then! Better start finalising those campaign slogans...

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