Saturday, June 13, 2009


Bit late spotting this, but just read Lembit Opik's comments when Hain answered questions on Wednesday for the first time since returning to the Cabinet. According to the BBC website:

Liberal Democrat Montgomeryshire MP Lembit Opik (Montgomeryshire) told Mr Hain: "I thought it was utterly unjust you were pushed out of office for trumped-up charges and it's good that you have now proved your innocence and returned to the front bench".

Really Mr Opik? Did he think that and make a fuss when Hain stepped down? Or is he just saying things without thinking again. Let's look at what the cheeky boy said when Hain resigned, again courtesy of the BBC website:

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik believes Mr Hain had no choice but to step down after police became involved.

He joined other politicians who paid tribute to his work in Wales.

"I have said all along that if he ended up in a situation where the police were involved he would probably have been too preoccupied with that to carry on," said the Montgomeryshire MP.

He worked alongside Mr Hain when the Neath MP was Northern Ireland Secretary and Mr Opik was his party's spokesman.

"It doesn't mean he's guilty, let's stress that point.

"But I think this is really sad because in the 10 years I have worked with him , particularly in Northern Ireland and in Wales, the man showed first-class integrity and really helped to broker peace which is saving lives every day in Northern Ireland."

Ok, so he'd given a nice tribute to Hain, but still, he hardly thought it was "utterly unjust" at the time. No wonder people think politicians are insincere!


Che Grav-ara said...

Don't forget also that Hain has not proved his innocence. There is a big difference between being proved innocent and there being too much chaos in the camp for the police to prosecute anyone.

Peter Black said...

Actually, although I do not agree with Lembit on Hain the two statements you quote are by no means incompatible. Lembit was being perfectly consistent.