Friday, June 5, 2009


So Brown's big solution? Make Sir Alan Sugar a Lord with the crappy title of 'enterprise champion'. He must be getting desperate. Nothing against Sir/ Lord Alan, but this isn't a solution to the problems the Prime Minister is facing. If he thinks that bringing the Apprentice star to his team will distract from all the negative headlines, then he's clearly delusional. It also makes me angry that the Prime Minister can decide on a whim to make someone a Lord, yet still refuses to nominate the three Plaid Cymru nominees. Dafydd Wigley, Eurfyl ap Gwilym and Janet Davies would be far better than Sir Alan in the house of lords and I find it such an insult to their talents that they're still waiting in the sidelines when Brown can wake up in the morning and make someone a Lord without anyone objecting. Well, that's what it seems like anyway. No wonder people think the system is corrupt - it is, on every level - and this kind of appointment proves that.

Just heard now that Hain is back as Welsh Secretary. Seriously?! That's disastrous. How does he keep making comebacks? I was sure his front bench career was over after the last scandal. Just goes to show how desperate Brown is. He's obviously hanging on by a thread and hasn't thought this reshuffle through properly. Today's appointments aren't politically clever - they're a disaster.

I'm going to be away from a computer all weekend and given all that's going on in the political world at the moment, I am feeling slightly anxious at the prospect. I'm not sure how strong my phone signal will be even but hopefully friends will be kind enough to text any major news to me just in case (hint hint). I'll be at Gwyl Maldwyn all weekend at the Cann Offis in Llangadfan, and despite the drawbacks of having to be away from my laptop and all political developments, I can't wait. I've never been before but everyone tells me its fantastic fun and I don't doubt it for a minute. I'm staying in the area but I have no intention of doing any campaigning this time. I just want to relax, enjoy the music, have a few drinks and catch up with friends and hopefully make some new ones. And then go to the European election count on Sunday night and see Plaid Cymru come first in the polls!

As for a general election? I'm thinking by this afternoon that its likely to be September/ October more than July. What about you? Any predictions? Really am tempted to do some political betting for the first time in my life and not just on the date of the election. One thing's for certain, the next General Election will be an election like no other. I can't wait!


Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


You will come third, behind both Glyn and Lembit.

Draig said...

Agreed. My money's on October. I've always felt that we'd get a GE when Labour lost it's nerve as a party. I think that point is now here but Brown will hold on for a little while longer yet.

Labour cannot replace Brown without giving the Tories even more ammo, and the party knows it. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

Anonymous said...

Wigley and Eurfyl ok , but Janet Davies, give me strength She is useless, she was as an AM and she is no people person.Typical audit clerk,surely Plaid could get someone better suited.

Disgusted of said...

I believe Siralan's title is 'enterprise tsar'. That means if he doesn't do well we can take him into a basement and shoot him.

DaiTwp said...

I'm not sure why Plaid is in such a rush to have a general election. I admit that the country is in a mess and Brown is completely incompetent. But I'm in no rush to have a Tory governemnt to take over. Just look at the latest suggestions of taking back powers away from the Assembly. What has Nick Bourne's reply been?