Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking News...

Was anyone else surprised that Question Time was interrupted tonight to bring us the news about Michael Jackson? I certainly was, and I'm disappointed with the BBC if I'm honest. I don't think it was justified. After all, I certainly knew before Question Time started that he'd most likely died and made a conscious decision to switch off Sky News and watch Leanne Wood on Question Time instead. After all, in the world of 24 hour news I knew I'd catch up with events the minute the programme was over.

Yes, he was an icon. And yes, there will be a crazy amount of media attention to the story of the next few days, weeks and years even. However, even though its a huge story its still a celebrity story in the end. Surely, there are far more important stories that would warrant such an interruption? Before you accuse me of being snobbish, I am currently tuned into Sky News and soaking up the reactions so its not the case that I'm not interested in the story. Its just that I didn't need to hear all the gory details until after QT. Rant over. Bed time I think!


tom said...

I couldn't believe it either! I had to google today to find someone else who agreed.. thought I was the only sane one left. Even the tennis today started with Sue Barker asking a former player on his thoughts on Jackson's death.

ps - have fun in the proper half of the country :)

transfattyacid said...

I agree, but I also find it rather strange that a Plaid Mp was on a panel in Torbay - but then I was equally surprised to see one on a panel a few months ago in Lowestoft which is just about the furthest from Wales than you can get.

After all when I voted for devolution I did so in order that England might be devolved as well.