Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another welcome boost for Plaid Cymru on the eve of the election - George Monbiot has stated in the Guardian today that he'll be voting Plaid tomorrow. This on top of all the coverage relating to the Plaid-SNP motion is fantastic news. At times like this I really do miss working for Plaid - the buzz in HQ and the Westminster office must be immense this week. No wonder George Monibot said the following:

"Living in Wales, the choice isn't hard for me. Plaid Cymru, in its present incarnation, is a green, progressive, effective political force. I see little point in splitting the vote between parties with politics like mine, and while the Green candidates appear to be likeable people, they are always going to be playing catch-up here."

Looking good for that second seat!

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David Thomas said...

Pity he won't join Plaid. I did try last time.