Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wales on Sunday Poll

Well, well, well... Hardly surprising, but a poll conducted by the Wales on Sunday has found that 79% of those who voted wouldn't vote for their current MP in a General Election. Only one MP - Adam Price - managed to secure over 50% of support. The least favourite of all? Montgomeryshire's very own Lembit Opik with a staggering 94% saying they wouldn't vote for him again!

Ok, so there are problems with the poll. Only 1952 website visitors took the poll and I can't seem to find a full breakdown in order to see the number of people who'd voted in every constituency. Could be a very small sample in some, and a huge amount in other constituencies. Plus, there's no way of verifying that the voters were actually from that constituency. But, it is indicative of the depth of anti-politician feeling in the UK today. People are furious, and I can't say they blame them. I do hope the electorate aren't too rash when it comes to casting their vote though. Not all politicians are evil - some have genuinely worked hard for their constituents and should be kept in post. Others need to go. As I said this week, anything is possible in the next General Election. Every seat seems up for grabs - even a Plaid Cymru win in Montgomeryshire doesn't seem as laughable as it would have been a few months ago! Interesting times indeed.


Al Iguana said...

You're right about the poll. It was a small sample, and wasn't broken down very well.

Saying that, given the type of person usually comments in the paper, for them to come out so anti their MP is quite a thing. And for Adam to do so well says a lot.

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Bucket of salt free with Today's Wales on Sunday.

Crefishgyn said...

Well I said I wouldn't vote for my man - Stephen Crabb... or Stephen Grabb as he's now known on the streets of Pembrokeshire.

He's lying low until May 29th when he's having a public meeting to explain himself to the locals! Could be fun!!