Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh dear...

So Gordon Brown hasn't had a relaxing bank holiday weekend. First the little terrier that is Hazel Blears attacks him, now Harman wants his job. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost but not quite. After all, he has been a dithering and dull Prime Minister. And ineffective. No wonder that even his party faithful are losing all respect for him.

Blears said she was surprised by the reaction to her article. Surprised, really? Pull the other one love.. When you write an article which refers to a disastrous youtube clip by the Prime Minister and slate the way Labour are handling things at the moment when you're a cabinet minister, then what do you expect the press to do? Note it quietly? As if! I doubt she's naive enough to think that.

And as for Harman... Well boy, isn't she in need of reality check! Nobody wants her to be Prime Minister. She'd be a disaster, and she always make a mess of PMQs when she has to step in now. She should just be grateful that she somehow managed to become Deputy Leader and leave it at that. Ok, she's been back tracking all day but still.. its obvious she'd like the top job.

Politics is a nasty business, and when times are bad, the vultures start circulating. Its bad enough for a PM to put with the opposition parties, but when his own ministers start attacking him publicly then surely he must feel like there's no point carrying on like this. Knowing Brown, he will. He's waited so long in Blair's shadow and finally its his time to shine. Well, theoretically anyway. Didn't quite work out like that... And things aren't likely to get any better for him.

The sensible thing would be to get it over and done with now and call an election. Yes, Labour would in all likelihood lose, but possibly not as badly as if he decides to leave it for another year. Personally, I don't think he has the guts to do it. He'll be praying for a miracle, and hoping he can turn it around over 12 months. But it would be best. Surely, people are reminding him of what happened last time when Labour left the election to the last minute? Eighteen years of a tory government... Enough said I think.

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