Friday, May 29, 2009

My eyes, my eyes...

I decided this morning that rather than relying on Vaughan Roderick, I'd check out Lembit Opik's weekly column for myself online for the first time. Since I am running against him, I think its important that I do check out the pearls of wisdom he wants to share with the nation. Never again. Indeed, I have to praise the bravery of Vaughan Roderick for looking at it weekly. (Diolch a plis wnewch chi barhau gyda'r gwaith i arbed fy llygaid i!) Even though I knew the Daily Sport was bad, nothing had quite prepared me for how pornographic the site is. I can't believe an MP would associate himself with such a paper. All the main 'stories' were so degrading to women, and the site is scattered with sexual images.

Now, I'm no prude but in my mind, this is just completely unacceptable. I can't believe that his party is letting him continue to write in such a paper. It makes the Sun look like a broadsheet in comparison! The good people of Montgomeryshire deserve better. Surely, he'd have more of an impact writing for Farmers Weekly or something similar, talking about issues that actually effect his constituents? Opik seems to stick to the moto - all publicity is good publicity. Wrong. No wonder there's talk of de-selecting him - all those decent Liberal Democrats living in Mid Wales must be embarrassed and mortified by his actions. Bring on the General Election I say!


Anonymous said...

Ahh but does the Farmers Weekly pay as much , that's the question. You forget this MP stands for My Purse.
There's more shillings in celebrity than quality.

David Thomas said...

Anghofia am y Sunday Sport! Wyt ti 'di weld ei llun a sylwebau o a'r tudalen blaen y County Times wythnos 'ma?!