Saturday, May 23, 2009

MP's Expenses Song...

This was sent on to me earlier so I thought I'd share it.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

The song is pathetic attempt at pedaling the anti democratic lies agenda that the Telegraph has been waging for the past two weeks!

From what I have read on your blog you seem to be just an ordinary working woman. If you are elected you will need a home in your constituency and one in London. Could you afford one or both, from your own means, if elected?

The answer is probably NO.

The Telegraph campaign has got nothing to do with cleaning up politics - it has everything to do with stoping people like you from standing for election - if the Barcley Brothers get their own Fascist way - the likes of you could never, ever afford to stand for election!

Heledd Fychan said...

I've posted plenty of times on expenses and made my views clear. This is just a tongue in cheek song. No I couldn't afford two homes - I would need support in order to be able to be an MP and I do think things have gone over the top. It worries me to think that only the rich could ever become involved in politics - it would be a real blow to democracy and a dangerous step back in time. But its not the telegraph campaign that's at fault - its the corrupt system that is in place that a small majority took advantage of. Reform is needed, but the recent witch hunt has de-stabilised things to a worrying level. But, if it engages people in politics and means that the system becomes more democratic, then its worth it in the long run.