Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interesting times...

Well,well,well... so Kirsty won't refute that the Lib Dems might de-select Lembit! What a week... Obviously, it would be the right thing for them to do in Montgomeryshire. But for those of us who are running against Lembit then it would indeed change the race quite dramatically.

Glyn is seen as the favourite by many, but my own campaign has also been given a considerable boost. The reaction when I have been out and about has been outstanding, and there's a real sense of momentum. Yesterday was particularly positive in Welshpool, and then at the public meeting. People believe that anything can happen in the next General Election, and will be scrutinising leaflets and manifesto pledges more than ever before. I had people coming up to me saying that they were definitely going to vote Plaid for the first time in their lives... and even offering to campaign. And these weren't obvious nationalists or Welsh speakers either. Can't wait to get back to Montgomeryshire asap and hit the campaign trail again. There's quite a few interesting events coming up that I'm going to attending from the very obvious to the not so obvious.

People in Welshpool yesterday would love a General Election as soon as possible. And I can't blame them... People are angry and they want change. Personally, I'd like a few more months to campaign but if it happens, then bring it on I say! This is an election like no other. No party can take anything for granted and that's why I'm excited to be a part of it all. Less people look dubiously at me when I say that Plaid Cymru are running to win in Montgomeryshire by now! The rule book has been thrown out of the window and anything is possible. Interesting times indeed!

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