Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welsh Labour Conference

Bet Welsh Labour wish they'd had their conference before the budget! I cannot imagine how low morale must be at the moment. Labour supporters must have thought they were invincible back in 1997. And who can blame them? A landslide victory, everybody full of hope after all those Tory years... You would be on a high!

But how things have changed. I'd hate to be a speech writer tasked with writing the key speeches for Welsh Labour this weekend. There's nothing you can say is there really? Well, unless you really distance yourself from Labour in London and be super critical of the budget and the cuts. That's the only way faith can be restored in them by the Welsh electorate. The worse thing Welsh Labour can do is try to defend Downing Street at this time... I'm wondering therefore how they'll handle all the negative headlines. Should be interesting! Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

What Labour need now is ideas, and ideas for the future. Being super defensive won't work and neither will slamming the other political parties or being defiant. And its not just the budget that's problematic. The email fiasco, twitter, sleaze... Oh and THAT video. Wonder if Welsh Labour are having a karaoke night like we did at Plaid Spring conference? And if they are, will anyone dare sing Delilah? Matt Withers would have a field day writing Spin Doctor this week if they did! Especially if that person ended up being David Taylor!

Many have said of yesterday's budget that it signalled the end of Labour. Welsh Labour therefore have a huge challenge ahead of them this weekend. It will be interesting to see how they handle it...

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