Thursday, April 23, 2009

welsh labour conference rumours

Well, have you heard any? Well my sources have told me some things and not sure what to make of them. Can't tell you if they're definitely true but can tell you what I've been told.

Only one labour minister has a definite slot to speak out of all of them. No prizes for guessing who. First Minister Rhodri Morgan. Seems strange to try and gag the rest. Maybe they're pulling straws tonight and whoever has the shortest will be forced to speak!

Oh, and the keynote speaker? Which big hitter do you think they'll get to inspire the troops during this difficult time. Gordon Brown? Oh no.. Allegedly its going to be John Prescott. Yes, seriously.

If this is true, then Labour are definitely in even more trouble than I speculated this morning. Will watch with interest to see if the gossip turns out to be true!

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