Saturday, April 11, 2009


I spent hours today looking through old photographs, reminiscing, laughing, shedding a few tears.. They were all over the house in various boxes, files, cupboards and albums and I was trying to put some order on them. I honestly think that of all my possessions, they're the most valuable. Indeed,they're priceless. You cannot put a price on all those memories...

It made me appreciate how lucky i've been in my life to have known such wonderful people. Family members and old family friends who've passed away featured prominently in many of my childhood pictures, and I realised how grateful I am to have known them. Some died far too young, and I miss them dearly.

I do hate looking at photographs from my teenage years though. I was so horribly obese for years and whilst all my friends looked skinny, happy, healthy and trendy I look positively frumpy and fat in all of them. Nobody who's met me since then really believe how big I was. I just can't believe I let myself get to such a size. Yes, I'm smiling or pulling a silly face in most photographs, but my confidence was at rock bottom. I hated how I looked and was constantly disgusted and repulsed by my reflection. Even though I've lost a considerable amount of weight since then, that feeling hasn't left if I'm honest and I doubt it ever will..

My project for tomorrow is to start scanning all these photographs into my computer to ensure that a back up exists and also so some of my friends can laugh at them when I put them up onto my facebook. My primary school friends should be very worried - there are some classics!

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