Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lonely Planet

According to an article in today's Western Mail, the latest edition of the travel guide to Great Britain by Lonely Planet gives high praise to Mid Wales, whilst also criticizing the decision by Powys council to close down some of the tourist offices in the county. Finally, mid wales gets the recognition it deserves. I've long said that mid wales is under utilized as a tourist attraction. It is such a stunningly beautiful place, magical even, and not just a place to drive through on the way from north wales to cardiff. As this guide says - "ignore mid wales at your peril".

The guide is right to be critical of the closure of many tourist centres in powys. Without a doubt, more can be done to attract visitors to the area without ruining it. This is true about other places in Wales. We should be shouting loud and proud about all the wonderful things we can offer, and part of that is having plenty of information available locally for those who do visit. Even information available online about tourist spots in Wales is limited and this needs to change. I don't know why Wales seems so scared of embracing tourism especially during a time of recession, when more and more people are looking for holidays closer to home. Hopefully this guide might make Powys reconsider its strategy.. I know budgets are tight, but surely financing tourism properly should lead to economic gains. Something to consider anyway..

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